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Great analogy Ilona!! And you are right, many similarities for sure. I think in real life it can be harder to fight against the evil and because of that many people just give up and say so what? We need to always stand up to the evil and fight it and fight for those things that are good and beautiful. It has to start with some and then others will join in and perhaps then something can be done. But most people say nothing can be done so they don’t even try which is not the right way to look at things at any time. Great thoughts Ilona!! I hope you are enjoying your Sunday!!!!

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  1. So True When Evil the Harm
    to Others Comes True those
    Who Stand in DarK Kill LoVe iN the
    Sound of Silence Still..
    Words too Afraid
    or too Ignorant
    To Fight
    for the Force
    of Love Unconditional
    that Harms others Least now Fearless My
    Friend Never Ever Afraid to Dance Sing up and
    Feed the Poor of Food and Soul of LoVE True iN LiGHT
    oF LoVE
    WiLL NeVeR
    Lose the CouRAGE
    or the Eye of the Tiger
    to: LoVE aLL oF WHaT From:
    LiFE BRinGS DarK thru LiGHT GoD ETeRNaLLY NoW
    LoVE hehe does it sound like i’m writing a Bible yet hAha..
    HeaR i’ll Share a Powerful TheMe Song for MeME For all of
    what i just give and share for Free as chances are this may be
    the Only Blog in the World Free enough not to hold my Tongue Silent
    Yes i
    my Visit
    to Nice France
    Today Thank You
    Dear Ms. Hugs So so much
    for all of this and so much more WiTH SMiLes…


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