Have you ever wondered what is the meaning of life and what is your meaning of being on this planet? I was writing about this on my old blog, which is not active, but i would like to bring this topic back, because it is important to me.

So about meaning of life and on being in this world?

We discover the meaning of life at different times, some discover it when they are not afraid to live, do what they love and do not overestimate materiality, others find it in the family, and others may not find it.

I often say, that there is no meaning of life, we have to live it meaningful, because days go so fast and if we keep looking for meaning of life, we may die, without finding it.

I think, that teenagers often feel lost, but also many adults are unable to find a place in this world. The growing gap between where we are and where we would like to be. For adults with rushing and to much going on it is easy to get lost and when we are lost, it makes us feel meaningless in this world.

Life finds meaning when we take risks, go unpicked paths, try something new without fear, when we go out of our comfort zone, need to face the fear, because only when we can understand, that there was nothing to be afraid of.

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  1. Hi beautiful ! I love this post , I think this a really interesting topic and if it’s close to your heart we want to know about it as well , so that’s a fantastic idea . I think that you’re right but sometimes by seeking purpose we end up finding our true selves along the way I think there’s nothing wrong with seeking it because the most valuable treasure dwells in our journey more than our destination . Then when it comes to risk and fear I feel like being fearless is an illusion but what we can do is to use this fear as fuel or to put it aside , so that we let what matters most to us , in this case going out of our comfort zone and our dreams for instance take the upper hand over our fears . I think that we do need to emphasize the power of the present moment and unlearn virtual addiction and relearn to seize the day authentically . I think that photos are capturing the perfect balance between going out there and being the witness of this experience we’re having . I love taking photos as well , and sometimes I’m wondering if it’s preventing me for living the now fully but then I remind myself that since it’s doing something that is valuable to me , it matters and has its place in my journey . So I have a question for you , why do you take pictures/ photos and what’s your story behind it ?

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    1. Hello Mary🤗, i used to have a blog, where i have a lot of posts with this topic, but i thought my blog wasnt good enough, i decided to make new one. I will repost few posts from before.
      Yes you are right, we are all different people, some people looking for the answers, some are just living without asking to many questions. Experience give us more wisdom, i like to try new things, or to face my fears if i have a chance🤗, about pictures, i like to spend a lot of time outside and to take pictures of nature, because it is so beautiful, i cant take all these flowers home, so i take at least the picture😊🤗thank you for following my blog and for reading my content, i appreciate it💙💚💛💛🧡

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      1. Oh , I see , well , just because it doesn’t seem good enough doesn’t mean that it ain’t valuable , you know 🙂 that’s great ^^ ,Congrats for your beautiful pictures , this external beauty also dwells within , if I could take picture of your soul I will show you that the brilliance of life and beauty you see in flowers is in you too ! you reveal natural beauty of flowers in your pictures , why don’t let people admire yours , you having cherished topics matters because it shows the depth of your own beauty to the world ,What can’t you see that You are beautiful , from the inside !Therefore I cannot wait to see these former posts ! The beauty you reveal in those flowers are a mirror of your own heart and it is good enough , you having unique interests is good enough ! So I am glad you’re brave enough to let the world admire the beauty of your soul as your pour it on the table for us ❤

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  2. By the way , thank you so much for following me , it truly means the world to me and I’m glad you like my content and would to have your insights as well on things you’d like to dive deeper into . Much love beautiful ❤

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  3. As my Mother Took Her Last Breath
    in Deafening Silence for all the Joy
    of Smiles She Brought into the World
    for 82 Years as she went to Her Death
    Bed on Valentine’s Day in 2017 with
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    The Meaning of Life
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    Money Was Never an Important God in Her Life She Lived Love
    A Meaning of Life Really Breathe Play Love Touch Life With Soul..
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    Consuming Others the Rest of Nature (God) with Least Harm..
    Always Giving Sharing More than Taking And Hoarding Be LOVE..:)

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  4. Hey Ilona! Was waiting for a post like this. Looks like someone is becoming a pro photographer😉✨👌. Good pictures anyway. Life is simple. It is all about you are breathing, stop finding why you breath and Live the way you can until you can breath. People are already in a cage, so do i. But i will not promote same to others ever. Live Life. Hope your weekend is awesome 🤗 I Wish you a beautiful week ahead.

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  5. Hello Ilona. An interesting debate, I will try by Google Translation to answer it. I am on this planet to learn, to improve, to do good, to listen to my family. I came out of my comfort zone and was scared but then I developed some skills to get out of it. We must not be afraid otherwise we do nothing. I hope you can understand what I’m saying. Thank you for your visit on my blog ツ

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  6. Nice❤️…I really like the LAST PART…Can I tell you a story?
    I remember back in my Village…there was this mysterious Cave…there were so behind it.. but the truth of the matter was that, no one ever visited the cave before… so people were making up stories without proof and so did people decide pick up from them blindly…you know; the Culture Of Deception…that if nobody never tried it before, so should we not try it » and I remember me sitting somewhere on a cliff staring at the cave and asked myself…who ever confirmed what was in the cave.. obviously no one ‼️it was people’s FEAR‼️ that blinded them…and so I decided to overcome this fear and gathered some of my friends…and we actually went inside the cave…only to find some OLD OUT-DATED CURRENCY😂 some old RIFLES 😂and an old WAR PLAN😂 used during the colonial period… nothing too BIG!!😂 like people believed it to be, before…
    I agree that: WE FEAR doing something at the beginning and when we finally do, it dawns to us… WHAT WAS SO DIFFICULT AT THE BEGINNING?? Whereas there is nothing so difficult or to fear about🤔🤔…

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  7. Good post Ilona! We do need to live our lives meaningfully. People often get trapped with the idea that there is no meaning so what’s the point? And they give up. We shouldn’t do that. We need to teach kids and young people that we can add that meaning to life but living in a meaningful way. And we need to be willing to try new things, getting out of our comfort zone is one of the hardest things for people to do because we are too worried about what people will say most of the time. Or what will happen if we do it. Who cares what people might say? Take risks ( I do this one all the time😁) and face fears for sure. Do something different, we are usually afraid to try something new, again because of what people will say mostly. Have a great day Ilona!😁😸🌞🌴

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    1. Thank you Steve, you know there are so many people out there, we are all different, interesting and beautiful. We have different opinions, we may like different movies or food, but if someone doesn’t like the same things it doesn’t mean, that there is something wrong with that person.
      The point is to enjoy, because you never know what can happen tomorrow, you can’t be sure if you still can give a kiss to your child or mum.
      We need to teach kids respect as well, from very young ages. Even if i dont like some people which are my relatives, i’m polite and nice is not even them what i dont like, i dont like the way they live, everytime they come, they make a mess, i never do such things when i go to their place. Usually they stay a while, because they come from far, so when they take shower or shave their legs they leave all the mess and when i go to the bathroom i just feel sick, why some people can’t understand, that they have to leave the place the way they found it?
      Ones i asked them, can you please wash after yourself? Yes yes, i will. Tell me about it, they didn’t, so in general they are funny and nice, but this kind situation piss me off at least for a moment and at that moment i really start to dont like them, maybe it is not the right reason to dont like someone, but when it continues for few weeks, it gets really difficult to support. Same with food, they eat something and they leave a plate, i mean if you are a cat i can leave the plate with food in the corner of the bathroom, you eat there and you can leave the plate there as well😀 I can’t tell them like you are a pig and i started to hate you, because i still love them, they are family, they was raised this way or maybe they became this way with time, but after all it is just silly to hate them because they are lazy or different right?😄

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      1. Good point Ilona. Some people are raised without respect, others get that way after they grow up (or maybe don’t grow up), they just don’t care and have no respect for others or for other people’s things. I used to loan out books and DVDs, but when I got them back I had to throw them out because the DVD was too badly scratched and books were messed up so badly, yet when I loaned them they were like new. If I borrow something, I look after it and make sure it gets returned in the same condition. Accidents can happen of course, but for me if it did, I would buy a new item to replace it, rather than like one person said to me, accidents happen you know. I know, but now I have to buy a new one! But I still like them, I just won’t loan them anything now. People are different for sure.😁😂🙄🌞🌴

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