I have met many people here who have, or are still struggling with it, that’s why I decided to talk about it some more.

Bad moods can come very fast and can leave as fast as they came, but sometimes the bad mood will decide to stay. When it stays too long it may make you worry and stress can turn to panic attacks and that can have a big effect on your physical health.

You can end up with a lack of energy and not being able to think clearly. You may feel guilty and you don’t want to talk to anyone around you and staying in bed looks like the right thing to do at that moment. I can talk about it easily because as I already mentioned in my other posts, I have had it and I’m not afraid to admit it and to talk about it. We are all people and it can happen to anyone, at any time, with or without any particular reason.

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I'm here to post my thoughts and positive pictures❤️

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    ♡ MMHI (Multiple Mental Health Issues)

    Thoughts Come and Go
    Emotions Ebb and Flow
    Memories Surface then Sink Below

    …it’s Crystal Clear Clarity that We ARE The Sole Managers of Our Emotions, Thoughts and Memories; what’s important to remember is that We ARE ALL in Different Places in The Context of Our Management of Our Own, Personal, Individual, Unique Psychological State


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  2. Hey ilona. Totally get your point. I have anxiety since childhood and panic attack sometime its often and i admit it too. It come for no reason and it happens just like that. Some stay inside that feeling and some learn to live with it. I Live. I encourage all of you to learn to live with emotions. Because it IS emotion and we named it like a diesease. ☺️

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    1. hey hey hey, panic attacks are scary i had few, but since a while i haven’t, so feels good, i have anger attacks now, it is easy to make me angry and i can say horrible things, trying to work on it at the moment, any suggestion? I’m each week to the therapy, they are kinda teaching me how deal with it, if you have any ideas feel free to share🤗

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      1. I ran out of medication and honestly my anxiety shoot up now very often now. I focus on breathing now, i would personally suggest you to focus on breathing. It hard but eventually we should learn to live with these emotions.

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      2. For me happened weird thing when got out of depressiom for a while i was feeling good and peaceful, but since a while this anger problem came, why we humans have some many problems, yes this is how they teach in the therapy to live with it and how to handle it. But for me anger is similar like laughing, if something is funny i cant hold laugh, so if something makes me angry i just have to show it and i know that i shouldnt show it, sometimes i get angry for so little things, for exemple my friend was late about30minutes, i got so angry at the moment. I shouldnt, because it wasnt a big deal, i had full day free, it didnt change any of my plans and i just got so angry.. I hope that the therapy will help me🤗🙂

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      3. Thats the thing about theraphy, they teach you for good. In the end, its all about how we learn it. So what i do is self.learn. I wish the theraphy helps you out of your issues. Always remember it is just a temporary emotion and focus on breathing ☺️🤗

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  3. This is our Western way of life that breaks people into sadness and distress, we live under out of ordinary conditions for mankind, we are not used to live on big buildings, on floors with many flats in the same square, live on the tops of each others everytime, at work, in private etc. Always focusing on being performant at work, as school, our diet is unhealthy, we listen to crazy music with the wrong tones, we constantly live with noises and we have less and less wild Nature around us to breath . Just look at what’s happening in Eastern Asian countries, the high rates of suicides , same on our cities in North America, in Europe. We are constantly stressed out. We are drained and we are depressed.

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    1. Everything improving in this world, but people getting more and more depressed, technology going faster than us and we can’t keep follow, we have to rush. And i think, that living in the rush and worries how to deal with everything in the little amount of time maybe gives us depression, i’m not sure, but stressful and rushy life is not the best thing for human being❤️

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      1. Yes also. Indeed there is nothing that is improving in this world everything is getting worse because we are in the rush. We have to accept differences and changing too much of mentality, our state of mind to self adapt quickly as if we don’t have the time to think or to accept , to digest the changing. We don’t have the right to breath and this is an other threat of our Western Culture. So much wrong !

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