After my running I feel hungry and I eat a huge breakfast. I feel good after eating and I don’t think that skipping breakfast is a good idea, it may give you depression too if you skip your meals too often.  After breakfast is shower time, I like to switch the water from cold to hot, it gives a little shock to my body and makes me feel more awake and it’s healthy for blood circulation.  I read about this somewhere so I thought, why not?  And I really like it.

After this I like to do some meditation, at least 15 minutes, in the most empty room in the house, with no phone, TV or computer.  And I do some breathing exercises while I am doing meditation, this is when you breathe from the bottom and lifting it up as high as you can.

About clothes, I’m not into fashion, but I like to wear comfortable clothes that make me feel comfortable and happy.  I hate heels, yes, it looks beautiful when a girl or a woman wears heels, they look really nice, but I just can’t wear them.  Where I work at the hotel I have to wear heels but I just had a talk with my boss and I told him that it makes me feel bad, it’s not comfortable and I just can’t wear them. He understood, so now I just wear simple black classic shoes for work.  If you feel uncomfortable at work, talk with your boss, they are also people and if you explain if very well they will understand. At least it doesn’t cost anything to try.

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  1. ♡ Perhaps « eat breakfast first » then « run » and burn off calories while supporting digestion EveryOne; it’s Crystal Clear Clarity that I AM NOT!!! an Expert in Nutrition and Exercise yet The Simple Equation is Take in Calories then burn off Calories 🤔 ?


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