(here is the full post what i did before in separate 4 part)

 I have met many people here who have, or are still struggling with it, that’s why I decided to talk about it some more.

Bad moods can come very fast and can leave as fast as they came, but sometimes a bad mood will decide to stay. When it stays too long it may make you worry and stress can turn to panic attacks and that can have a big effect on your physical health.

You can end up with a lack of energy and not being able to think clearly. You may feel guilty and you don’t want to talk to anyone around you and staying in bed looks like the right thing to do at that moment. I can talk about it easily because as I already mentioned in my other posts, I have had it and I’m not afraid to admit it and to talk about it. We are all people and it can happen to anyone, at any time, with or without any particular reason.

You can feel good, if you really want. I will explain step by step what I did and I may add a video this evening and talk more about it.

The first thing that I did was to get rid of all the pills that the doctor had prescribed for me. As I wasn’t able to sleep, he gave me Xanax to use at night, Ascitolopram  to use every morning to get me in a better mood and Lexomil to use 3 times per day.  Lexomil was to calm me down because I was panicking since I didn’t know what had happened to me. I always loved life, I like to live and move forward but the pills knocked me out completely. I was very tired and I didn’t have the will to live anymore. That is the reason why I stopped taking the pills.  But if you have treatment and it works well for you then you shouldn’t stop and it is not good to stop suddenly anyway.

Second thing, I started to run every morning, it didn’t matter how stressed or how bad I felt, the first thing that I did and that I still do now, is to get up and to make my bed nicely so that I won’t want to get back into it. I put on my running clothes and I get out of my house and run for 30-45 minutes, depending on how fast I do it.  I have chosen my running route and I always go the same way.

After my running I feel hungry and I eat a huge breakfast. I feel good after eating and I don’t think that skipping breakfast is a good idea, it may give you depression too if you skip your meals too often.  After breakfast is shower time, I like to switch the water from cold to hot, it gives a little shock to my body and makes me feel more awake and it’s healthy for blood circulation.  I read about this somewhere so I thought, why not?  And I really like it.

After this I like to do some meditation, at least 15 minutes, in the most empty room in the house, with no phone, TV or computer.  And I do some breathing exercises while I am doing meditation, this is when you breathe from the bottom and lifting it up as high as you can.

About clothes, I’m not into fashion, but I like to wear comfortable clothes that make me feel comfortable and happy.  I hate heels, yes, it looks beautiful when a girl or a woman wears heels, they look really nice, but I just can’t wear them.  Where I work at the hotel I have to wear heels but I just had a talk with my boss and I told him that it makes me feel bad, it’s not comfortable and I just can’t wear them. He understood, so now I just wear simple black classic shoes for work.  If you feel uncomfortable at work, talk with your boss, they are also people and if you explain it very well they will understand. At least it doesn’t cost anything to try.

Another thing that I did was to read information on the internet about depression and I found out that yoga was good, it helps you to concentrate and keep your mind busy, so I subscribed to a yoga class three times a week. It helped me a lot and I’m still doing it.

Work out, yes, yoga is good but at the beginning it wasn’t making me tired enough, so I started going to the gym three times a week for 90 minutes.

Talk about how you feel with your friends and family.  Even if you don’t feel like talking, push yourself to talk, try to express yourself to the maximum so people can understand.  I was always talking about it with my friends and family and some of them were going through the same thing.  You don’t need a big shock or accident in your life to get depression, it can come from nowhere or even if your immune system is down.

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  1. Depression and anxiety are the top two issues facing people currently. Our lifestyle and our society as a whole, I feel, are the major causes. As a society, we don’t treat mental health issues as true problems like physical health. We have to, no make that NEED to treat mental health issues the same as physical health issues.

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  2. YEARS ago, I had what was classified as a ‘Nervous Breakdown,’ and had Extensive counselling. …Have never been much of a ‘runner,’ so I had walked a lot, particularly at that time. …The points You are sharing are Very Valid. One of the major reasons for my breakdown had been my Not allotting enough time for myself. You have brought out Very useful routines to overcome that. Your post should be very useful to many. Hearty Regards. 🙂

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  3. Depression or any mental health problem is not easy to deal with. But you are one of the success stories. I am glad that you are in charge of your body and health. You know what’s good for you and what helps you. Some people don’t do good with medications. And those medications have really bad side effects to some. There’s a lot of bloggers who are dealing with this problem, and you can see it on their posts. I hope they try at least any of those you mentioned strategies you used to deal with your depression. Before they get to deep.

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    1. It was hard time, even if after that, i was feeling good for a while, i started to have anger issues, it was so easy to make me angry, but i went to therapy, i dont believe in pills. Therapy works well, i wish more people would go to the therapy first and only in the worst case, when nothing else helps, then try the pills.
      Now i’m feeling more peaceful and happy also to have a life partner helps. There was a moment in my life when i was scared to end up alone without husband and kids. Took a while to find someone, but that someone was always in my life, i just had to open my eyes😁

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      1. Aaw I’m happy that you found your life partner. Contentment and happiness will help you a lot in drifting back to depression. I wish you both all the best. I hope one day you will share your success love story in your blog. You deserve true love and now you found it 🙂

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      2. Well we know each other since 8 years, but seriuos relationship started not long time ago🤗🙂,he is designer, so he said: dont think, that you can bring all your statue to our home😂🤣it wont match with the rest😆😂, but shhh, he has no idea, that all my collection will come with me and i’m on my way to order more😋

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  4. I still deal with depression and some days are better than others. Deep down I knew that I couldn’t stay on the antidepressant forever, and by dumb luck, I discovered that HIIT combined with Pilates is a natural alternative to taking the medication. I feel like many people underestimate exercise and turn to the medication as a quick fix, when in reality, the body and mind are interconnected! We can boost are serotonin levels naturally with a dose of high-intensity interval training (HIIT), 5-6 days a week. If my primary goal was to lose weight and look good, I would have quit by now. Results take time. I work out because it helps me regulate my mood swings and a replacement for my antidepressant which I no longer take.

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    1. I dont have depression anymore, a while i was feeling well, but not long time ago i had some anger issues, now i’m getting better, it was easy to make me angry and i was giving negative feedback very fast to the person who made me angry, mostly in my real life😁
      I’m going to therapy it seems works well, it is difficult to understand and to expect, that not everything can be perfect, even if i try hard, there still gonna be people, who will late for a meeting 30minutes and the house not going to be always clean even if i scream on everyone: why it is so difficult to clean the plates?😁 so at the end getting angry for this kind of little things makes my life more difficult and also can destroy beautiful relationship with family and friends.
      When i look at it now it looks silly and funny, but at that time it wasn’t, why so difficult to be a human😁i hope in my next life i will be a cat or a bird😁

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  5. Remember that all living creatures experience both joy and pain . Embrace live as it is .
    I love your posts that you have learned to be easy-going with yourself and others .
    I agree with your post and yes , I add one thing that a small short nap at the afternoon could help rejuvenate and refresh my energy …
    Best wishes …

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      1. Not yet, but i was talking with my partner, maybe next year🤗My biggest wish is to be build my own little family💚I have no idea, how to raise a child, but i think, when you have a child, everything comes naturally, how about you?🤗

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