#1273 The way it is

Each and every day of our lives we are confronted with the realities of life.  Not only is it sweet, but can also be painful, bitter and depressing.  Reality is what we face, but what we do not always see.  Perhaps what we are unable to really see and understand is life itself.  It’s meaning, and it’s inexhaustible beauty that has surrounded us since the early days.  We say, good is evil and evil is good, but life cannot be just cruel.  There is always a person, thing, place or environment that makes us happy.  Something that gives us a sense of bliss and at the same time reveal, or at least shows, the beauty of life.

Dear Steve, thank you for correction🤗

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I'm here to post my thoughts and positive pictures❤️

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    1. Since i started to take pictures at the parks and gardens, i feel much better, because i spent a lot of time there. I can think more clear, without noisy cars and people voices.
      The nature has big positive impact on us, sadly not always we have time to go there and to enjoy that peaceful moment.
      In this kind of places is just something different in the air, i can still see how fresh everything is, flowers and trees are still wet after night, seems good timing to breath deeply and to make a little meditation💚

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  1. ◇ Diamond Hard – One Sentence EveryOne; come up with Your Very Own, Personal, Individual, Unique Definition of Success as a Child WILL!!! present You with a Rock that They Have Proudly Acquired – Diamond Hard


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      1. Yes, that’s true, light is very important. If it’s too bright it doesn’t work good without filters, if it’s too dull it’s also not good. My camera doesn’t work good on heavy cloudy days, bright clouds are good or a sunny day. The angle of the sun is important too, that’s why morning is a good time.😁😀📷👍👽

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      2. Yes, windy days are hard to get a good picture, like flowers, they keep moving so the camera can’t focus properly. I try to shelter the flower if I can but sometimes that hurts the light. Sometimes it takes a lot of patience to get it just right!😂😁🌞📷🙄

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  2. Reality is way harder than one imagine in many ways and it’s different to people live in different geography. It’s all in how we take it. A Kid in a war zone can grow up happily with all the muds and gun sounds thinking thats the way the earth is. A couple in a busy city may live on street and keep on travelling thinking this is how everyone does it. Honestly, we knew these two kinds are a NO NO situation. but are they happy? So do we! Grateful for what we have and face things around the way it is 🙂

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    1. Yes Simon, there are places and condintions in the world, which are much worst than ours and people dont even complain, they just live with it and they seems happy, i think more we have, more our life its complicated💛🤗
      Here we throw away the dish, which we couldnt winish, we seems are feeling full and we cant take another bite, but many people would even fight to get it from our rubbish bag, sad reality💛

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