Respect in family

Respect is something what should be teach to the kids soon as possible. Something who seems to be lost those days sadly. The person who should be the most respected is the parents, because they give us life, they care about us and give everything for us, well its what they should do but of course its not always the case. Anyway parents is parents, bad or good there is a need of respect, a line to don t reach, because if we don t respect our own parents we can t respect anyone included ourself. Respect is the key and the basics of education.

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  1. ◇ Diamond Hard – I « Respect » only One Person, Me; it’s Crystal Clear Clarity that « Respect » for Others, Even The Most Evil « Parents », flows on from My « Respect » for MySelf EveryOne…to be a « Parent » is a Privilege and a Blessing NOT!!! a RIGHT!!! I Didn’t Ask to be Born; I Do Ask for « Respect » from My « Parents » especially when I AM Passing Aged Care Homes where Kids Have Abandoned Their Parents in Revenge for Their Parents Lack of « Respect » yet Implementing The « Parental » Lessons of Using Cash as a Solution to Problematic Family Situations 🤗 – Diamond Hard


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  2. So true. Respect is a fundamental virtue in the world, and the people that deserve the greatest amount of respect are parents! Most of us fail to understand the sacrifices they make to keep us happy. Their love for you is selfless and their sacrifices are infinite 🤗

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  3. You are absolutely correct Ilona! We need to have respect and it is something that is lacking today. And parents deserve our respect. They give us life to begin with and they give so much for us. They truly sacrifice much so we can have the best possible. They help us every step of the way. If we can’t respect our parents then you are right, how can we possibly respect anyone else? It is something that needs to be taught these days, but it isn’t anymore and that is sad. Great post Ilona!😁😸🌞🍁🍂👍

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  4. Parents should be role models for their children if they except respect in return. Having bad role models for parents, I can see why kids misbehave and act out as a result. If parents want their kids to be well behaved, then they need to implement these standards and live by them too. Not “do as I say not as I do.” This definitely goes both ways.

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