About overthinking

There was a time when I used to think a lot, sometimes too much.  But now I have decided it’s best to just let it go,  and I have found that by doing it this way, it is much easier to live.

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I'm here to post my thoughts and positive pictures❤️

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  1. Its good in some way like more productive of you are a scientist or a cup or a story maker, some way it’s way too distractive and destructive. There is always good at everything. How we take it matters, For me it’s Better off with it.. 😉✨👌

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    1. Yes, for some people is could, they think and they can come up with some genius idea, not me, i prefer to stay away, less i think more happy i’m😁for each person is different i guess🤗, thank you so much for stopping by and for taking your time to comment:)

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    The Phrases “I am sorry …”/”I feel sorry …” may be interpreted in at least three different ways; the three being:
    ♤ Pitying and Chiding – e.g. “I am sorry you feel that way; I hope you change your mind.” or “I feel sorry for you; your head’s all over the place.”
    ♤ Sympathetic and Helpful – e.g. “I am sorry you lost that; let me know if you need anything from me.” or “I feel sorry for your loss; I am here for you.”
    ♤ Regret and Remorse – e.g. “I am sorry I ever thought you were capable; to be fair the accountability and responsibility is also mine.” or “I feel sorry for me, I made a mistake hiring you; so now I have to let you go.”
    …so I Suggest Consider This; a Deep Understanding of These Expressions of “I am sorry…”/”I feel sorry…” is a Boon and Beneficial to the Flourishing of Our Creative/Sporting/Business Practices and Personal Relationships…
    Diamond Hard – Who’s Loyal to You EveryOne – Diamond Hard; is it The:
    ◇ Abuser Paying You Violent Attention 🤔 ?
    ◇ Sycophant Agreeing with You ALL The Time 🤔 ?
    ◇ Challenger Daring You to Do Better 🤔 ?
    …Diamond Hard – so FUCKING DIFFICULT!!! and NOT!!! at ALL Easy; is it 🤔 ? – Diamond Hard…

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    ♡ With a Nod in The Direction of AnyOne with a Smidgin of Common Sense We ARE ALL Unique; ironically, unfortunately, annoyingly due to Language, it means We ARE ALL The Same in Being Unique 😆😅😄😃😂😁😀😉😊 …which, of course, is why We Argue and FIGHT!!! 😖😵😨😳😡😠 ; so I Suggest Seeking Solutions rather than Perpetuate Perceived Problems



    ◇ Diamond Hard – NEVER!!! Apologise for MMHI (Multiple Mental Health Issues) EveryOne; it’s NOT!!! Your Fault, it’s Well Meaning Parents, Primary CareGivers like Kindergarten Staff, Teachers, and Other Authority who Didn’t, and Still Don’t Want to Listen, who ARE to Blame – Diamond Hard


    ◇ Diamond Hard – What Exactly is a ‘Reward’ EveryOne other than what We Define a ‘Reward’ To Be just like DOGS!!! or, Lesser, CATS!!! 😆😅😄😃😂😁😀😉😊; just be sure Your ‘Rewards’ ARE NOT!!! Phyrrhic Victories – Diamond Hard



    …No-One HURTS YOU!!! 😧😲😖😵😡😠 EveryOne; it’s Crystal Clear Clarity that You HURT!!! YourSelf which is Very, Very, Very Bad for Creative/Sporting/Business Practices and Personal Relationships…


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      1. Fine,dear!! I like live in present.like you i had thought always my past but some years ago,i thought that the past which will never come,why i was busy in thoughts of past.after thinking that my life totally changed.i like only positive thoughts,attitude and living among those peoples who have positive thought.no care for tomorrow.for me-exictence of every moment is that in which we lives.beautiful imaginations,moon,stars,flowers,rivers,valley of mountain oh my God!! I am so much rich having those treasure.are you agree with me?firstly ,i want to give you my introduction that i lives in a town of Rajasthan,India and my daughter is research scholar in Chennai.Rajasthan is too much incredible like other parts of India.but i love very much the state of Jammu n Kashmir because of it’s mountains with having most greenery area and snow falls.my heart says to me that Kashmir is my original living place because i think-i have taken birth in last birth before in Rajasthan.so i go there often every years.there many peoples of Kashmir has become my close friends.now i think to go there in November or December when snow fall will begin.really,they are most honest and reliable for me and call me many time in a month.will you like to visit my Kashmir?plz reply.

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      2. About the past, maybe is time to say thank you and goodbye, you cant keep turning back, flashback can happen, but just let it come in and it will go away in few minutes🤗🙂
        I always liked to take pictures, but i didnt felt like sharing, one day i thought why not, i love the process, even if the pictures doesnt look like i was imagining😁😂This year i wont take any holiday, because i just started to work on something what i really like, i would love to visit India, from the pictures and documentary movies, looks so beautiful and its kinda different world, which i would like to see one day. Traveling is something what i could do all life🤗🙂, one life is not enough to discover all the world, but i will do my best to see as much as i can🤗😎have you ever been out of India?
        Have to return to work, i will log in this evening in about 6 hours from now😉🤗

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