What Time I’m grateful

1. For being a life🤗

2. For the beauty arround me🤗

3. For having a job i like🤗

4. For health👩‍⚕️

5. For all the happy moments🤗

6. For having possibility to chose my food🤗

7. For supportive family and friends🤗

8. For wonderful life partner❤

9. For all the challanges what i have faced, it made me stronger🤗

10. For Coffee and Netflix😂😋

How about you?🤗

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I'm here to post my thoughts and positive pictures❤️

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  1. I am thankful for so many things.
    For you.
    Being alive.
    Family and friend.
    The air I breathe.
    Health that I have, it may not be good, but it could be worse.
    For my cat Muffin.
    And so much more, it would be a long list for sure.😁😁🌞🌞🌴🌴🍁🍂😸🐿

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  2. 1. Homemade strawberry shortcake 🍓
    2. Afternoon naps 😴
    3. The toddler is back from her month-long visit with her grandparents
    4. Home cooked meals; being able to cook for other people
    5. The family time that I do get (not often, and rare when it happens)
    6. Timon the cat 🐈
    7. WordPress Community!
    8. Stickers and stationary
    9. Free podcasts from iTunes
    10. My health
    11. My husband
    12. Steeped tea 🍵
    13. Essential oils/aromatherapy

    Note: List is in no particular order 🤗

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