Nerves, food, sleep and some fresh air

1. First thing I do is make sure I’m not hungry or thirsty (I have noticed that I get nervous if I’m late for my meal).

2. I look back and check to see if I have slept enough. It can affect mental health ( the less I sleep, the more tired and stressful I feel. The same is with oversleeping, it can give huge head pain and tiredness).

3. Fresh air, it makes me feel bad if I stay too long at a place where there is too many people and not enough air to breathe. At the end I get nervous because it makes me dizzy. (I’m simply avoiding this kind of situation for my own good).

Sea of roses

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  1. I just go with the flow. For me, I have found that in life one must be much more flexible. To stick to a schedule is not freedom. One must learn to balance their time and know when the need to be more like what works for you and when not to be, as I see how your life is. But, I’m glad you are how you are for it makes you happy and that is what is most important.

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    1. You know, in my case i have to stick to schedule, other wise i will get lost in time and at the end go the day nothing will be done😁
      Cant always follow the schedule, because unexpected things happens, go with a flow its great idea, i did all summer, but when the work starts, it can’t be continued😂

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