About respect to older People

A while ago i did collaboration with Steve🤗, he has a great blog with beautiful pictures💚

Steve McLeod

Today we often don’t see respect for older people. Many younger people will push their way past older people to get a better spot in line at a checkout, or just to get through a door. I have seen younger people making fun of older people, being rude to them right to their face, laughing at them.

One young woman actually told an older woman, “why don’t you just die so people don’t have to look after you.” So many people think that older people are just useless and no good for society. They don’t consider that these older people used to be young. And young people will soon be old. Why not say a kind word, give a nice smile, say hello. Something so simple can really make their day.

Those days people dont give enough respect to older people. Probably a problem of education again but we don’t see enough young man or girl helping older generation to cross the road when they have difficulties, carry their bags or other simple things.

When it happen it feel exceptional, something so wonderful and rare, just by seeing their reaction. Its supposed to be normal. One day it will be us who will be in the need. Who will be a bit week someday, and we will be glad to be surrounded by good soul to help us at any corner.

So think about it and do the right thing, teach your kids or your future kids to act that way. To be good and gentle. Older generation deserve all our respect, we don t know their life, their past, what they have been through. So even if some seems to be grumpy and have bad character, in the benefit of the doubt. Be good, one day it can be you❤️

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    1. Well you should just tell her, that she will get old one day too, we never know what is in front of us, some people die before even getting old, i like sometimes to imagine myself how would my life would be in 50 years, if i’m lucky enough to live this long. I wish to have many grand children arround me and my old annoying husdband, who keep complains about my comics books😂🤣🤗😁😁😁

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  1. I Get No Respect:
    Rodney Dangerfield Stand Up Jokes
    With my wife I don’t get no respect. I made a toast on her birthday to ‘the best woman a man ever had.’ The waiter joined me.
    I’m not a sexy guy. I went to a hooker. I dropped my pants. She dropped her price.
    I tell you, I’m not a sexy guy. I was the centerfold for Playgirl magazine. The staples covered everything!
    What a childhood I had, why, when I took my first step, my old man tripped me!
    Last week I told my psychiatrist, “I keep thinking about suicide.” He told me from now on I have to pay in advance.
    source: http://jokes4us.com/peoplejokes/comedianjokes/rodneydangerfieldjokes.html


  2. that’s very rude, They couldn’t understand what an old people go through, and these kind will be the real burden when they get old. I saw people doing that and it’s heart breaking. I wish they should learn how to be nice. It’s a gift … to talk with elderly people and gain their experiences, life lessons, their traditions beliefs it will be amazing to listen. Sigh! these youngsters go crazy at times🙄. Well written Ilona & Steve! It has come so good. Let’s be good and teach others too…😊

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  3. i’ve got A Friend a Decorated War Hero in the Vietnam
    War from Enlisted to Commodore of a Navy Station
    At 74 years Old Able to Leg Press 2000LBS Yes a Whole
    Ton So Close to a Record Effort World Wide by Ronnie Coleman
    Full of Steroids Who cannot hardly walk on his own in his Fifties from
    Damage to
    His body
    from Head to toe..
    Yes he did 2300LBS Pumped
    Full of that Juice.. but this War Hero
    Also Bench Pressed 405LBS at age 74 too..
    He is suffering from a few injuries now at age 77..
    His Secret was/is simple.. Never Quit and never tell
    Yourself you cannot do it.. Just Do it and keep doing it
    Pushing ahead one step after the next same way You stay
    Alive in War Torn Countries You Fight in too Holding Church
    in a Fox Hole Where everyone’s Religion is the Color of Blood Yes
    Love.. Wow if it was not for Elder Folks we might risk knowing everything
    that really counts
    inside when
    have the
    Focus to really
    Get Good at something
    one task at an instance always
    in Flow of increasing complexity
    Gaining a Great Evolution of Soul
    From Head to toe.. smiles Ms. Hugs
    every thing i learn from People i see
    Now as inspiration and Mentor’s too i do
    my Best at least to share it somewhere
    where the opportunity presents Itself..
    as you never know who might
    be listening to gain just
    enough inspiration
    to see their
    life Differently
    Now and Put That
    Imagination of Guided
    Dreams Wide Awake now
    So Deep So Much Further than Just Material
    Reductionism As This Man Wrestled as a Light
    Weight in High School and at 74 he was practically
    Still ‘Superman’ then as Far as Strength in Natural Human Potential..
    Never Say Never Always Dance And Sing Do it now and Not Unlike
    A Humble Nautilus that Creates as Work of Art A Spiraling Shell
    As Shape of the Milky Way our Home Our Galaxy they
    don’t compete they just create an Art of Home and
    When it is all done if they could talk they
    Might Say Wow God i was able to
    do this Master Peace of
    Art how fortunate
    i am
    i am
    This Gift of Life Now
    Until the very end of this
    Shell only the beginning as those
    Nautilus Shells have lasted 300 Million
    Years in the Fossil Record as Long as all Signs
    of Human Artifacts We Create will Exist in the Fossil
    Record if We ourselves are foolish enough to make ourselves extinct..
    As ‘they’ Say the Meek Will Inherit the Earth as the Dragon Fly and Roach Now
    A Most Elder 300 Million Years for The Dragon Fly makes that Dragon a Much better
    Bet to
    as Elder
    More than
    the Human Race..
    Just a Blip on the Life
    Radar so far at least now..:)

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      1. SMiLes you’ve seen
        Me Smiling With
        All the Happy
        Young Women
        On My Blog i am
        Really an ET my
        Job on this Earth
        Is to Bring SMiLes
        To All Earth Women
        But i do not get
        To touch hehe..😂🤗😁
        Only their HeARTS
        Like Angels
        In Heaven Now🕺☺️🤗😁🦋😇

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