Reality, only reality

This is so true

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  1. ◇ Diamond Hard – Ask a « critic » about their dreams; they don’t remember because they mostly have nightmares they want to totally forget…ask The Awakened about Their Lucid Dreaming; it’s Crystal Clear Clarity that They WILL!!! Share Fragments of Their Fading Remembrance of Their Dreams and if The Dream is Less than Pleasant They Understand there is a Lesson To Be Learned – Diamond Hard



    1. Yes, i saw it not long time actually, decided to share it, because is so true, do what you like life is short, there always will be people who like you, who hate you, you criticise you and who dont care whats happening😂

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      1. Yes, some changes are good. I learned a long time ago that it doesn’t pay to change to please people because they won’t be satisfied anyway and I wasn’t me anymore. Now I just stay me, probably why I don’t have many friends.😂😂🤣🤣

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