C’est la vie

Le travail acharné peut porter ses fruits, mais n’oubliez pas, vous devrez sacrifier quelque chose en retour.

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I'm here to post my thoughts and positive pictures❤️

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      1. Haha not in
        As Rough Shape
        As the Ballet toes
        You post in the
        But let’s
        Put it this
        Way When i
        Martial Arts
        With Shrubs
        My Toe Nails
        Are Fast and
        Sharp Enough
        To Trim Twigs
        And Even Leaf
        By Leaf other than
        That hehe.. there are
        Like 20,000 Photos
        Of all of me where
        Sweet and
        Innocent Red
        Riding Hoods
        Like You Need
        Not Go to see
        A Big Bad 🐺 Wolf..haha
        Long in Canine Teeth too😂

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      2. Hey.. i kid you not
        Dentist says i have
        The Second Biggest
        Teeth on the
        Chart i will
        Only imagine
        First Place
        Goes to 🧛‍♂️ Vampires
        Did i Mention my
        Father and Uncle are
        Twin Vampires
        They Headline
        My Current
        Blog Post
        My Father on
        The Right i
        Will share now
        Vampires are
        Perfect Every
        Square inch
        Are Just
        Hairy Beasts
        Like me Born
        On 6.6.60
        Huge Teeth😂🐺😁🤗🧛‍♂️

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      3. Hmm.. Wife has Super
        Sensitive Nose
        Don’t think
        She Will
        Go with
        My Scent on
        Shirts already
        Marathoned In
        Attempt to
        Value but
        i kid you not when
        Young Women See
        Me just Walking In
        Public they Turn Red
        Flushed and Cover
        Their Mouth
        It’s Really
        Him in
        Front of me…
        Hehe.. considering
        i was The Hunch
        Back of Notre Dame
        And A Phantom
        Of the Opera
        As A Shut-in
        In My
        Deathly ill
        Before this
        Happened 66
        Months Reality
        Is Stranger Than
        Fiction Horatio
        Believe it
        Or not Ms.
        Hugs who knew
        You could live
        Like a Rock Star
        Just Dancing and
        Not making A
        Penny From
        It Smiles
        Are all
        The Pay
        i Enjoy Hehe🌪🔥💥🥳😁🤗

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      4. i had to take a Nap
        After i worked out
        Friday The 13th
        Moon Dance
        Coming Next
        Will Be Wearing
        A Red Hot Snoopy
        Shirt With
        Him Relaxing
        Atop his Dog
        House With
        The Word CHILL..
        i will stay out of
        The Dog House
        As Long as i
        Make My Way
        Back Home
        To Wife
        2 AM
        A 3 Hour
        Marathon Dance Then

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