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There is no such thing as luck. Yes, maybe 1 out of a million can win a lottery or get a promotion, but these are just a very few people.

If you want to have success in love with your partner, then you both need to work hard together on it, otherwise it won’t last. Learn to listen to each other and try to understand what the other person is saying. You need to talk and find the solution. Trust blindly, because this person has never lied to you. A beautiful relationship can last as long as both people want it. Otherwise I don’t see the point of staying together and pretending that everything is fine.

It’s the same with friendship. It can last only if both people want it and keep it going. People can move to another city or country and still be friends even though thousands of miles apart. Some can’t be friends even if they live across the street from each other. Why? Because they don’t want to. Maybe they already have their circle of friends and don’t feel like they need more.

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  1. My God, You are awake 😲 this looks like u r awake before 3 am… you didnt sleep the whole night? hmm🤔.. owl blogger 😂. So the topic is a practical reality. Luck play in a relationship as much our bling trust with the right person. It works out only if we wanted it. well said, 👏💐 Wish you a beautiful Friday✨🤗

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  2. Once I got real with myself, I really had to question the kinds of friends I was attracting into my life. Sadly, most of them were quite shallow and it’s true – if we or the other person doesn’t want to keep the friendship going, the friendship will fizzle out on its own. I’m currently experiencing this with someone who doesn’t care enough to keep it going, and I’m almost at the “fuck it” stage. I still try to reach out to her every so often but I don’t see it going anywhere and it’s getting exhausting. 🤷‍♀️

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    1. Yes, i had experience with it too and i just told her, that i m tired to kiss her ass, it was always me who was😄 calling her, asking to meet, i even had to remind her about my b-day, but there is the limit, i had to tell her goodbye for my own good😂😁she was surprised🤣🤗😎

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      1. Hey, at least she remembered your birthday. This girl knew it was my birthday yet didn’t even wish me a happy birthday! That was the breaking point for me. Each year I sent her gift cards/cards in the mail and what respect do I get in return? Not even a « Happy Birthday » text message. 😒

        Wanna know something funny? The Body Shop gave me a free gift, and even the dentist office sent me a nice Happy Birthday email. 😅


  3. Exactly, Ilona. Every successful relationship, be it a friendship or a romance, is minor miracle. It requires two people to find each other, then to have the same feelings. This doesn’t happen all the time, but when it does, geography must defer to the miraculous.

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