Friday 13

My partner asked me out, we are planning to watch a wedding nightmare, seems scary🤣, did you saw it? Is it good?

IT2 is better?

Make this day special,make everyday special, life is to short to waste time.

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      1. That’s good to know that you are immune to horror movies! 😀 The smallest sniffle from a student a few feet ahead of me in line today made me ill…. I even lathered up with hand sanitizer foreseeing my future. No amount of hand sanitizer makes me immune to the common head cold. 😷

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      1. Yes Yes Yes Saw the Clip
        On Face Book and the
        Uncanny Valley when
        The Mother’s Face Freezing Dead Alive
        So Sweet Changing into
        Crazy Mother Was too
        Triggering for
        Me in
        Dearest Ways’
        So so Very creepy
        My Memory is so
        So photographic
        And Like a Movie
        Maker Forever in
        Living Colors i
        Make sure i
        Keep my
        Movies more
        Like Good times
        With all my
        Hehe.. those are Best🦋🌈😂


      2. Haha Got lots of
        Funny Shows recorded
        On DVR but am always
        Dancing and Writing
        They are still waiting
        For me to watch
        Do love comedies
        And ha can replay
        The Movies In
        My Mind any time
        i like but first
        Loved are still
        My Favorite
        Full Moon
        Kisses in
        The Forest
        And WereWolf
        Too no Costumes
        At all needed from
        Head to toe don’t forget
        My my Mother’s Nickname
        For me was Freddy and
        i was Raised on Elm street
        Too for Nightmares on
        Elm street and
        Halloween too..
        Scariest Movie of
        All Exorcist too
        Played a Part
        In that one
        Too.. 👻 BOO!!😂

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