Hurt and Guilt

(Collaboration with Steve)

In life every action have consequence, not only on ourself but also to others. Sometime you can hurt people without really noticing, with words or action, because on the moment you didn’t took in consideration the perspective of the other person

That’s why we should always think what feel the person in front of you as if it was yourself. The guilt is a horrible feeling, who can haunt for life, for previous action than you realise too late. So better act kindly and carefully than regret in the future.

We have probably all been hurt by someone at some point in our lives, and we have very likely hurt someone. Words can hurt far worse than we think and can bring a person to total despair and to thinking they are no good for anything.

Sometimes we might be having an argument and say something we shouldn’t and we realize that right away. But the words are out and we can’t take them back. They can hurt terribly and we can have guilt because of what we said.

That guilt is a good thing. It helps teach us we need to do something quickly in this situation.  It also teaches us that we need to be more careful in the future. Remember, words can hurt deeply and can take a long time to heal.

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