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I'm here to post my thoughts and positive pictures❤️

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      1. Hey hey hey you🤗💚so good, had the best sleep ever☺, i didnt drink alcohol since like forever🤣yesterday i took one coctail, as it was Friday13, we decided to drink some bloody mary😂🤣, got up at 7am, but i slept so deeply and so good🤣😂, today i have to bring my god child to the zoo , i hope i can take some nice pictures🤗😊how about you?

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      2. Oh, oh, so much for living healthy!😂I slept very good, barely moved all night. Yes, try and get some good pictures.📷 I’m still moving slow this morning but not quite as bad as yesterday.😀 Not sure what I will do today yet. I want to go for a walk but I should probably wait a bit longer.😁🙄


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