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In my last post I was talking a lot about toxic media. I forgot to write that there is also a lot of positive websites and nice media accounts that can be very helpful.

But it is always best to spend more time outside and to talk with people who are around us. Real contact with people and a social life is important for good mental health. There are a lot of people who commit suicide because of loneliness. They don’t have anyone to talk with about their problems, negative thoughts and feelings.

Once we leave social life to the side, afterwards it is not always easy for everyone to come back. With years it can make it more difficult to make new friends. When I look back, I remember how easy it was at kindergarten. You just said hi, what is your name? Let’s play? Sometimes there was different kids, but the conversation always started the same way.

Imagine now you go to the park and sit near someone who came alone. You say hi, what is your name? Let’s go for a coffee together? I don’t think the answer would be, hi, I’m Laura, nice to meet you, sure, let’s do it. The answer would likely be, hi, I don’t know you, I don’t go for coffee with strangers. She would think that there is something wrong with me. Or maybe I want to steal her bag or something. So at a certain age it becomes more difficult. People today are afraid of each other, trust has to be built over time. It takes time to know each other, then in a few months maybe we can go for a coffee. So we shouldn’t push people away who already trust us, people who we know well. It’s not always easy to start a new friendship and new relationship. We should talk to them instead of avoiding or pushing them away.

At least give it a shot. Maybe they can’t help us, but at least we don’t need to carry that heavy stone inside us. It’s always better to share with someone. Maybe your friend is going through a hard time and you can be the light he/she needs.

I have heard people say that mental problems or depression is nonsense, these people are not ill, it’s just an excuse. No, it is not. Mental health problems are real and can develop into heavy depression or even suicide. People laugh when someone says they want to die, asking questions like, so why are you still alive? Go kill yourself if you don’t want to live. These kinds of words don’t help anyone. And these people have no idea what they are saying. If they never had mental problems, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist.

Not everyone has the strength to carry on when it becomes too heavy. We have sensitive people in this world, not everyone is carrying a metal heart inside them. We should think before we say something to another person. Especially if you know that he/she is very sensitive and is going through a hard time.

I will leave the rest for the third part.

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  1. Hey ilona, Excited and waiting for part 3. Liked your Part 2. You mentioned the practical issues on trusting people, it is very true indeed. Honestly the social media killed the concept of being real social. Many young soul doesn’t even know how to have a good conversation with a stranger and the happiness on sharing our problems face to face with a friend or a family member. Everything is happening through their mobile. And people who never had mental problems does not exist. Every single being have come through depression or anxiety. The severity is based on how they reacted to it. The depression and anxiety has to be treated properly not by joking or cursing people in depression, as you said it never helped. Just like fever it is also a temporary issue. That has to be treated properly. But it is always temporary, issue and the solutions are. have a beautiful Tuesday .. 🙂

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    1. Hello Simon, yes Simon, i’m happy, that you liked it, these problems exist and we need to solve them until we can, more we have, more difficult it is, thank you for your valuable comment, yes, working on the part 3🤗

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  2. Hello, i am a frenchy girl:) and ispeak french:)
    J’ai beaucoup apprécié votre article et je comprends pourquoi vous avez aimé le mien! Tous, avons des faces obscures et eu, au moins une fois, comme on dit « un passage à vide », certains le surmontent mieux et plus vite que d’autres!
    Votre article permet à ceux qui luttent chaque jour pour « paraître » sous leur meilleur jour, pour afficher constamment une figure joviale en permanence… de réfléchir (si ce n’est déjà fait) et d’essayer de s’accepter avec ses faiblesses,et surtout en restant bienveillants envers soi! Ceux qui ont une enfance entourés d’amour, des enfants valorisés, compris, « AIMES »… y parviennent mieux et plus vite! Merci

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