Mental Health

I have noticed that posts about depression, struggling with life, as well as mental health, have the most views. This means that many readers are interested in it.

So today I decided to write about mental health.

In today’s world a lot of people have mental health problems. I’m not talking about lime, pans pandas or down syndrome. I’m talking about people who get mental health problems for no particular reason.

People who start to feel worried or stressed and they don’t know why. For some of us, even going to open places like a food store can give a lot of anxiety, and we just don’t understand why we feel this way.

I think that anxiety comes when we forget ourselves. We live in a stressful world, we are forced to rush. Everyone around us is running and we keep trying to go faster. It’s always, I’m late, can you move, we are late with a project, why is your part of the project late? We get blamed for being slow, for not being fast enough. It is at this point we forget ourselves. We skip meals and don’t get enough sleep, because we have to complete a lot of tasks in a limited amount of time. So at a certain point our body can’t handle it and it can develop into long term anxiety.

Some of us might sometimes think that we are not capable or we are not good at handling things. That isn’t true, we are good at it. But only if we don’t let other people and our environment to cause us stress. For example, maybe your colleagues at work completed their task that they had been asked to do, faster than you. But we are all different. Maybe they don’t have children to take care of, or perhaps someone is helping them. And in your case, you are alone to handle it all. We should never compare ourselves to other people. Because we never know what is happening in their lives.

Do you see great pictures on Instagram and a chic life? Of course nobody wants to post pictures of a messy home or dirty clothes. I have noticed that people are mostly posting happy moments, their hair and makeup is done nice, clean home and photoshop colors. I believe that many pretend that everything is fine, even when it is not. And we are looking at those pictures and we think, how can they do it all? My house looks messy, I haven’t cooked yet and I didn’t even brush my hair yet. We get the wrong impression of what is happening in other people’s lives, and when we start comparing it makes us feel worthless. Media can be toxic and can give us negative thoughts.

I have much more to say on this topic, but I don’t want to make it too long, so I will talk about it more in a second post about mental health.

Big thank you Steve, for correcting mistakes in my post🤗

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  1. So true, anxiety problems, stress, depression are all very real. We are all different and certainly shouldn’t compare ourselves with other people. You’re right, on places like instagram people are always showing the best, never the worst moments. That’s something we really need to remember. Great post Ilona!😁😸🌞🍁🍂

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    1. Maybe i should create account and post reality🤣, but i dont feel like posting my face without make up😂or picture in front of not shinny mirror🤣, people are not use to see on instagram these things, they are use to see a perfect life of perfect people🙄, which i believe is fake💛, we all cry sometimes and we dont smile24-7💛

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  2. i feel much of our mental health issues are a product of our environment. we are constantly exposed to media about products we should have yet can not afford. we have expectations that can not be met and we expect those around us to know what we want. our jobs push us to be more productive yet pay us less and we are expected to do more with less. we feel if we have a mental health issue, we have to hide it as we fear we will not be accepted by those around us and society as a whole does not see mental health the same way as physical health. this also includes insurance companies as they wont pay for mental health issues.

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    1. Exactly, most of times the problem is not us, but is not easy to deal with the rest of the world. Environment matters and is difficult to dont get effected.
      All the publicities on media or tv, telling us what we should have, how we should live. We are unique, we have our unique life💛Well i hope one day society will pay more attention for mental health, because is important💛

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  3. Great post. Not all people with mental health issues live in the messy house, or uncombed hair. I was diagnosed with with severe depression and PTSD, my house looked as a model house. There were no mess or any dirty dish because I never ate anything or cooked😀. My depression is still there but in very minor stage now. I verbalized myself through the words on the blog. I got help from all the bloggers without any judgement or any bad comments. Thanks for writing on mental health issues. I thanks to all bloggers who supported me. Good job Ilona.

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    1. Yes Sara, not all, some are able to get up of the bed and clean up the house or even go to work. Other have so big anxiety, that they dont even power get up to cook for thelselfs. Each depression is unique❤, happy to hear, that you are feeling better, i hope, that it will be gone anytime soon❤, i m happy, that you are able to share it❤, no judgement needed, suport and help only❤🤗, thank you for reading❤

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  4. So sad and true! What we see on social media is only a facade…I wish people could be so happy as they pretend to be 😉
    We never have to underestimate ourselves, we must believe in ourselves and in what we can do! Unfortunately most of the time is difficult but we never have to give up!
    What I’m sorry is that a lot of young people are suffering nowadays and who should take them seriously they don’t do it!

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  5. Hey ilona, A wonderful post. Yes most views falls on mental health, because nobody is stress free. Almost most people i have met have anxiety or depression related issues. I got to know when i open up abt myself, they started to share their issues. People wants positvity and they are in need… But we must remember it is always with us. Amelia Barr once said « It is only in sorrow bad weather masters us; in joy we face the storm and defy it »

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    1. Hey Simon, thank you🤗💛, seems a lot of people are going thru the same problems, i have noticed, that a lot of other bloggers started to share what they went thru or what they are dealing with at the moment. Anxiety and worries are huge problem in today’s world, because we are not able to improve as fast as technology. We are behind and is stressful for many people, we are humans with feelings, not robbots💛thank you for your meaningful and wise comment💚

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  6. Great post! We live such busy lives these days and it is only natural to become self-critical. We tend to compare ourselves to everyone else in society instead of appreciating what we can actually do. Everybody is unique and it is a good thing that needs to be focused on more. It’s one of the reasons I started my blog page, individuality needs to be valued, not depreciated!

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  7. I enjoyed reading your post. I feel the mental health posts are the most viewed because there is still a stigma over having depression, or other ailments along those lines.

    We are all looking for someone to relate to. Someone who might understand us. The most alone i ever feel is when im sinking or have sunk into a bad depression. By that point theres no browsing blogs or articles. Theres no talking or leaving the house.

    I personally have dedicated my blog to bit by bit sharing my story and poetry with whoever it may help or is interested in reading it because the worst thing a person can do is keep it in. Especially abuse victims or others whl have situational spawned depression etc.

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  9. I appreciate this post so much! A lot of us see people online or on the television and see them as “better”. Comparison is a dangerous thing to do, this can cause anxiety. The points are all so valid and beneficial. Something that has helped me, is this article. Your attitude and how YOU see situations can help with mental health……. thank you, Again……

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  10. I am often reminded of the fairy tales of old. Sometimes we have to sift through the ashes of the past, to find the burning embers within. Beautiful reminder of the need we have to create our own happiness habits outside of the comparative analysis of others. Let me know when you would like to collaborate on mental health. It is a very needed subject matter.

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  11. I loathe the falsities of social media. It’s basically telling fibs about one’s life … it’s about not wanting everyone to know the truth. And why is that? It is human nature to want to be liked and admired and finally we have a way to do that (albeit with photoshop, a ton of makeup and a flick of the hair). Yes, we all love to see beautiful things and beautiful people, but in excess we start to question our own selves and our own beauty. Good post. Katie

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