не суди

Мы не должны судить людей, которые знают меньше, имеют меньше нас, может быть, не всегда хорошо пахнут, мы никогда не знаем, что может случиться с нами завтра.


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  1. Мы один раз разговаривали с няней моей дочери, и она сказала, что никогда не будет работать уборщицей и мыть полы. Я была очень удивлена и ответила: А я буду, если это будет нужно для того, чтобы выжить мне и моим детям.

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    1. Мне нравится поговорка: никогда не говори никогда.
      Я думаю, что мы должны уважать все виды работ и не смотреть с высоты, если они работают в более низкой позиции, чем мы.

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  2. Good Morning Ms Hugs From The Sunshine Very Very Hot Days of Florida in September
    Approaching the Fall Equinox That is a bit more like a Desert These Days
    than Sub-Tropical FoResTHehe.. But Never the Less i come BeaRinG
    Gift Yes Nature that will Never Truly Be
    Owned by Human Take Hoard and
    Greed my
    Friend ‘Howard the Duck’
    Well not the Comedy Space Movie
    Version but the Real Quack Deal with No Name
    And ‘He’ (God) is So Cute Anyone Who Comes Across
    ‘Him’ Is Welcome To Share Him now no Different than the
    Other 180 Thousand or So Photos i Share or 7.3 MiLLioN
    Words or Even 11,922 Miles of Public Dance don3 in 72 months too as no one
    Asks When they Video Tape me anyway hehe.. i don’t Believe in Copyrighting
    God even
    if we
    We Cannot
    only a Grand PooResT ILLuSioN
    of Take and Hoard and Greed my
    Friend.. a Day without Money A Day With God Free
    As Nature Sunshine Blue Skies Smile Down With US
    Up for
    Take Hoard and Greed
    the Dollar Way of Hell on Earth…
    Hehe From Where i stand You Smell A-okay Free to me too
    My Dear Alien ET Friend Ms. Grey for it is True i am Mr. Green or just call
    me Christian Wolf too As True i could have Been an Accountant or Billionaire
    Just As Easy too.. but no.. i am more into Pleasure of Nature Than Pain of Paper God..
    The Devil Didn’t
    Need to Argue
    with me
    in the
    i am this way Human
    and Reborn Human again…
    We all Share DNA with No Name Duck too..
    That’s Why ‘He’ is all our Brother and or Sister too..
    (Don’t tell anyone it’s ‘The Secret’ but ‘The Duck’ is ‘Jesus’ in Disguise)
    ‘He’ figured it wasn’t safe to come back As Human again.. not just yet but
    soon and sooner
    sure too..
    Oh God such a Cute
    ‘Duck’ but i’m not Saying
    My ‘Jesus’ is Cuter than ‘Your Mallard’ hehe..;)

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      1. All of Nature is So
        Beautiful How Wonderful
        It is that You Live In a
        Beautiful place in
        Nice France and
        Me too in
        Florida where
        We will Capture
        So much of the
        Beauty and share
        It in Our Blog Posts
        With the rest of the
        World in places where
        They never see this
        Beauty to Enjoy
        Ms. Hugs and
        Of course that
        Includes Your
        Lovely Face as
        An awe inspiring
        Part Of Nature
        Too.. obviously
        A Huge Draw of
        Beauty to your
        Blog too.. So nice
        From Nice France too🤗😁

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