Improving your body

Before you start working hard at the gym, you need to figure out what kind of diet works for you and follow it without cheating.

Second thing, which most people don’t do, is to choose a specific workout for your body type. This way you will have better results. By doing the same exercise that your friend does, you may not get the same results, unless you have the same body type. For example, my body type is very strange, all the weight goes to my waist and arms. So I asked personal trainer who works at the gym, what I should do. I don’t want to build the muscles, I want to dry the fat parts and to sculpt them. So, it cost nothing to ask and he showed me what to do. I’m still following the same program because it works well for me. I like to work on the deep muscles, not on the ones that pop up fast, becayse it gives more strength.

The next thing is sleeping. If you workout then you need to get a good night’s sleep to rest well. The routine of eating and sleeping is very important, not only for aesthetic looks, but for mental health too.

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  1. Very true Ilona! We are all different, our bodies are not the same and something that is working for me it may not work for you.
    Work out comes hand in hand with our diet too…either of them doesn’t work by themselves 🙂 And sleeping is an important factor too 🙂
    Great post Ilona and beautiful picture! :)🤗

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