Gold diggers

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Money is an amazing thing. It is an important part of our lives. We need it and we constantly work to get it to provide a good life for us and our families. And there is nothing wrong with that. But for some people it goes way beyond that and they are willing to do absolutely anything to get it. For example, women will leave their families to obtain that goal of large sums of money, even if it means giving up their life, living like a slave in order to have that money. And it’s not just women either. I really believe that our society puts pressure on men and women, even starting with children, that the only thing that matters in life is money, having a large bank account. People can’t be satisfied anymore with a comfortable life, it has to be more and that leads people to do strange things just for the love of money. It is promoted everywhere in our society so that people have forgotten what is truly important in life. It just isn’t worth giving up family, love, health, and yourself, just for having that extra large sum of money.

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  1. in Buddhism teachings, desire is the source of suffering.
    we are so conditioned to want materialistic items and to have the newest, biggest, latest and best things or we are not worth anything.
    the more money we make, the more we want.
    living comfortably is very subjective.
    i think there is an old saying…money is the root (route) of all evil. The word in ( ) is my add. lol

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    1. You see, people copy others a lot, because they dont want to feel like someone else is better than them.
      A friend bought new Tv, omg i need too, mine is to small compare to his, you know, its just a TV, i even barely watch it. We can’t keep buy what others have. Now many young girls are looking for sugar daddy to pay their trips and holidays, to buy new bags or cars.
      My partner is 34, i’m 28 and i really dont need rich 70years old man to buy me a bag or car.
      We are young people, we can achieve all what we need together. Yes more we make more we want. But we can learn to control this envy, i like when the house is empty, this way i can find all what i need, easier clean up and to breath too😂

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  2. Agreed. At its best, money is the most objective means society has of showing its regard.

    When money falls short of that mark, though, it also brings all the dangers you list.

    No doubt, money is important, vital even, but so many other things are more important and vital.

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  3. Well said Ilona, Money makes life easier. BUT it is just a part of life survival kit. That doesnot mean you can be able buy lands or save for your future generations. But love the way do. Your parents may not say « Yes » or your husband.

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    1. You see i’m 28 and my partner is 34 and i better stay with someone i really love, even if he is not rich, instead of staying with a rich guy who i hate.
      We both are still young and we can achieve all what we need together, i like to build, instead of jumping on stuff what is already achieved by someone else. 🤗🌈

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