Mental health 3 PART

I have found that many teenagers, or even adults, don’t want to go see a psychologist or psychotherapist. When someone asks them why don’t they want to go, the answer is, I’m not crazy. I’m just stressed and depressed. But it’s the same if we are going to see our orthopedist, or any other doctor. I can understand that it’s not easy to open up and talk to a stranger. But we are willing to open up such private parts for a gynecologist/urologist and we think it’s a normal thing to do.

I believe that it’s not easy to talk about our problems and anxiety, especially if something big has happened. For example, if a mother has lost a child, or a husband lost his wife in a car accident. This kind of situation is very painful, and to remember every detail can bring back even more pain. But I think it is very important to go through this step, to cry it all out, to talk about it and to slowly let it go. I have not lost anyone, I can only imagine how hard it must be.

I think that psychologists are there to guide us through the steps that we need to go. Otherwise we will stay stuck at the same stage instead of steadily moving forward, no matter what is going on in our life.

Also, a lot depends on the person. Some people have depression and they don’t even know that they do. They may think that it’s just a bad mood and somehow they manage to keep on going with it until one day it is gone. They actually heal themselves by not letting the bad mood stop them.

Others might need more help. This is why we have psychologists in this world. We can talk regularly with them, especially when we have too many thoughts. Another higher level of depression requires treatment with medication. For this we have a psychotherapist. Most times we need pills because we can’t sleep, eat, or get out of bed. Our mood is such that we don’t want to do anything and we don’t want anything anymore. Pills are to regulate mood, sleep and to get our appetite back. I’m not a doctor, but I think once he told me that medication helps to grow tails of neurons. In this way I can get serotonin back again. There is also the ugly stage, when you keep trying different treatments and nothing helps. It just makes you sleep all day. Here I can use my example. The pills had a negative effect on me and I tried multiple treatments. One day I was just so tired of it that I stopped it all, which is the wrong thing to do. You shouldn’t stop without first talking to your doctor.

I started to search for information and printed it all out. I read the same pages every day until I was able to memorize them all. Then I started to work with myself on my own. (You can read about it on my posts about depression)

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  1. Good one Ilona, Yes. People do crazy things like visiting gynos and orthos but they don’t visit pshyciatrists because they feel it’s a Shame, completely society belief issues. People should start visiting these professionals for a healthy peaceful mind. Good advice on medication though✨👏 I started again 😉 Feeling better 😀

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  2. J’étais en sevrage la semaine dernière, je n’avais plus de médicaments et j’ai été mal pendant deux jours , j’ai du aller voir d’urgence mon médecin généraliste, elle m’a fait baisser la dose. Je vais mieux depuis une semaine. Mais j’ai changé de psychiatre parce que bon nombre d’entre eux se contrefoutent de ce que l’on ressent, quand tu leur parle et que tu es normal pas un gros malade, juste en souci ou en dépression non suicidaire, ils t’augmentent la dose et si tu oses te plaindre des effets secondaires, c’est de ta faute, tu ne fais pas assez d’efforts dans ta vie, tu ne prends pas tes médicaments ou alors ils te blessent. C’est eux les médecins, toi tu n’es qu’une pauvre aliénée. Aucuns encouragements de leur parts lorsque tu t’occupes dans la vie malgré la maladie le mal-être, on dirait que tout ce que le malade fait seul pour aider la société, ça les dépassent quoi ! Ils s’en foutent de leur patients. Il m’est arrivé de sortir en pleurant. Alors quand tu as des malades avec des pathologies plus lourdes que soi-même, qu’ils ne vont pas mieux et qu’ils sont en plus traumatisés de leur passage en HP, tu te demandes sincèrement si ce genre de thérapeutes sont bien normaux. La réponse est non . Tu as plus de chance avec un gynéco qu’avec un psychiatre parce que le gynéco voit et peut traiter ta maladie ta douleur, le psychiatre lui la déduis. Je ne suis pas anti-psychiatrie mais à la fin c’est a cause de ses tarés que les autres psychiatres, les psychologues sont mal jugés.

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