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I have been nominated by this great blogger, it is really nice blog and interesting to read. Thank you so much for remembering me and for this lovely nomination, thank you so so so MUCH💙

The Sunshine Blogger Award Rules :

  1. Thank the Blogger who nominated you and provide a link back to their blog so others can find them.
  2. List the rules and display an award logo on your blog post.
  3. Answer the 11 Questions the blogger asked you.
  4. Nominate 11 new blogs to receive the award and notify them by commenting on any of their posts.
  5. Ask the Nominees 11 new questions.


  1. What is your favorite book and why ? At the moment i can remember La Formule de Dieu, by J.R. Dos santos
  2. Who is your favorite actor or actress ?Audrey Hepburn:)
  3. Concert or Movie ?Concert:)
  4. What is your favorite uplifting quote ? Be the sound not an echo:)
  5. What is your favorite sport to watch ? Football:)
  6. What is your favorite food that please you ? Fruit salad:)
  7. If, you were to learn to play an instrument which one would you choose ? Piano, i do play already, but i want to do better:)
  8. What drives you to be a blogger ? I like to take pictures and write my thoughts:)
  9. What is your dream occupation to be ? An architect, the good one:)
  10. Where is your dream place to live ? Where i’m now, nice:)
  11. Who inspires you and why ? The life, which keep going on:)

I’m keeping the questions💜


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I'm here to post my thoughts and positive pictures❤️

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  1. Congratulations Ms. Huggs For Being Nominated for the
    WordPress « Sunshine blogger AWARD » And Thank You in Kind
    Returns of Nominating Me as Well for This WordPress Award Now
    And as Usual i will Present my Witty Answers Directly to You.. hehe..
    (Trivia Note: i was awarded Most Witty Child Award in Second Grade
    At the Catholic Private School i attended then.. It was Decades Later
    Until i understood Fully what the Metaphor Witty Means..
    i did not know if it meant i was Smart or Funny or
    Both but it seems then
    As the Other Children
    Laughed At What i did No
    Matter What i Did and considering
    i started out Last in this More Advanced
    School than the ‘Red Neck Woods’ one
    i Attended Before.. i will only guess.. now still.. i was Smart Enough to Be Witty too..
    Hmm.. i have been starting Last and finishing First ever since then.. it seems at least..;)

    What is your favorite book and why? « Jonathan Livingston Seagull »…
    My Favorite Part is Playing the Role of the Actual Living Human Seagull With SMiLes..:)

    Who is your favorite actor or actress? me of Course
    And A Role-Play T-Shirt At Least Once a Day And More to JusT PLaY..:)

    Concert or Movie? A Movie of the Day i Play.. A Concert i Dance And Sing NoW too..:)

    What is your favorite uplifting quote « What Ever
    Steps Words i Dance Sing NoW Quote SoNG oF mY SoUL ETeRNaLLY NoW »…

    What is your favorite sport to watch? A Way i Feel When i Dance And Sing…

    What is your favorite food that please you? Bread of Love Water of
    Love And Best OF ALL When i Transmute That All into Love to Give And Share For Free Doing the
    Least Harm to Others And Rest of Nature A Way i Nourish Them ALL With Food And Drink SMiLes..:)

    If, you were to learn to play an instrument which one would you choose? Currently.. Practicing
    More My Favorite is Vocal Chords of my Throat.. i Play This Instrument Every Sunday Morning
    At Catholic Church And Every Once in a While Driving Listening to the Radio Singing Along too..
    i have even Recorded This Instrument of my Throat on YouTube.. too…
    Just for Fun And as An Added Sunshine Blogger Bonus i will include
    « Amazing Grace » Just for You as Linked Above.. hehe Just for Fun too..
    i made a mistake on the ‘Found Part’ when they passed the Yucky Money Basket to me…hehe..;)

    What drives you to be a blogger ? Spirit Wind Within…(God)

    What is your dream occupation to be ? Lover oF All (God) i JusT Do NoW…

    Where is your dream place to live ? Within Heaven Free Eternally Now FOR REAL.

    Who inspires you and why? You Inspire me for Now that’s all you need to Feel From me Within.. hehe..;)

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      1. Hehe.. Currently Celebrating 60 Years Since Conceived
        on the Fall Equinox on Earth in other Words 9 Months before
        my Birthday in June.. Delivered Two Weeks Early so the Doctor
        Could Go on Vacation… on 6.6.60… other wise scheduled then
        for Birth of course on or
        about the Summer
        Solstice like
        my ‘Earth’ Father too..
        Anyway.. Now Here is a Linked Collage
        of Photos i am sharing as i progressed
        from an Earth Child ’till 17 in the Blue
        Suit to 18 in the Brown Suit to 21 in the
        White Suit as well then Age 2 almost 3
        With my Earth Sister and 12 With the
        Purple Shirt on and 8 Years-Old
        Standing Next to a Surrogate
        Elder Earth Uncle too..
        First Love with
        Brown Suit…
        Friend Asking
        me to Her Prom with
        White Suit… And Best
        Friend Renee From Guam origin
        too.. First Love Cuban American then…
        And Friend asking me to Prom at 21 Years
        Old.. Italian American Trying to make Her Boyfriend Jealous she
        was really in love With i understand then too now.. True my only Pet
        Dog and Me With High Water Pants on at about age 11 too.. This is where i first
        Learned how to Be a WordPress Sunshine Blogger too.. hehe.. still doing my Best..;)

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  2. Congratulations on the Sunshine Blogger award! ♥️ And thank you for nominating me. I have 3 other ones lined up that I still have to do, and this one would be be 9.0… I am thinking about skipping to this one so I can complete it faster. After all, you are a loyal reader on my blog which means so much to me ♥️ I will try to complete it as soon as possible (might take a few weeks to do it since I’m swamped with posts I need to do this month) but it will get done. Eventually. I put a note in the drafts so I know to complete it. 😁🌻🌻

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