Your own life Matters

Don’t waste your life, by following the lives of other people, it wont help you, find your way.

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I'm here to post my thoughts and positive pictures❤️

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  1. Beautiful Path Thru Nice France
    Lush Green Perfectly Carved
    Tourist Cobble Stone Way
    A Great Escape A Vacation
    Place For Souls to Wear Wings Again..
    The Way Is Nature and Nature Is Us The
    Seek And Find is surely within for that is Where
    Nature Lives Thorns and Flowers for Fall and Rose of Us..
    Smiles to Be one With
    Nature is to Green
    to Open
    HeARTS Forest
    Bathing SPiRiT Rises
    Soul Comes to Dance and
    Sing More with Others of Nature
    All one Spring of Warmth no Matter
    Fall Dying Leaves Winter Frost or
    The Heat of Climate Change
    Summers as We Do Our
    Best to Stay Above
    Sea Level as
    in all the ways of our
    Tools of Humanity Become
    Us more YeT AGaiN the Change
    of Nature Ever Colors within inside
    outside above so below and All Around
    We Will Never Love The Nature Within any
    more than We Love the Nature of our Home…
    Smiles my Friend Why Follow or Lead When We
    Will Lift Up Other Souls Holding those Hands with
    A Hug That Simply Dances And Sings We Are All Our Home…:)

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      1. SMiLes.. Ms. Hugs hehe..
        i Remember what it
        Was like to work
        For Pay.. hehe..
        You Welcome
        Into Your Blog
        Home hAha.. That
        Is Always Gift Enough
        For me to just Be Free
        And Yuck no longer
        Work For 🤢 Green..
        Leaves of
        Free Much
        Better for me😊🌟😁🤗

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  2. Somewhere I read—in relation to revolutionary nature of transcending ‘governmentality’ (Foucault, 1991)—that ‘it is far better (for man) to govern and misgovern themselves, than to be governed by anybody else’.

    – Words from ‘Revolutionary & Visionary African Leader
    The late Ghanaian President #KwameNkrumah

    (I’ll throw in another cheeky thought because the suns out and it is relatable your post 🌞).

    ‘—Man is all-in-which he ‘wills’ to be’ #Sartre

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