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Everybody dreamed once or twice to be famous, to be a famous dinger, actor or professional sport player. It’s probably very fun and amazing to be popular, but at what cost. Of course, there is always the price to pay.

Once people have everything what they want, everything is tasteless so they try to find new sensation with drugs or other things. Most of celebrities get divorce sooner or later, fell in addiction, have completely unstable family. Well some doing well of course, but it’s far to be the majority.

So yes being famous might be very nice but if it cost your life at the end i prefer to live in peace.

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  1. Fame is an illusion. At the end all are made of same blood, bone and flesh. There is nothing to be excited about or react to it. When that illusion goes to the head, things turn around and lot of shit happens. Once Marilyn Monroe said ✨Fame doesnt full fill you, it warms you a bit, but that warmth ia temporary ✨.. Happy Weekend ilona✨🤗✍️

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  2. Csikszentmihalyi writes:

    « An autotelic person needs few material possessions and little entertainment, comfort, power, or fame because so much of what he or she does is already rewarding. Because such persons experience flow in work, in family life, when interacting with people, when eating, even when alone with nothing to do, they depend less on external rewards that keep others motivated to go on with a life of routines. They are more autonomous and independent because they cannot be as easily manipulated with threats or rewards from the outside. At the same time, they are more involved with everything around them because they are fully immersed in the current of life. »

    EYes of A Child Through Waves of Flow Gift of Now Present Exploring Intuiting More Colors of Life
    Love.. Smiles.. A Child Doesn’t Need A Fancy Term Like Autotelic Or Words Like Flow to Truly
    Experience A Kingdom of Heaven Within for A Child Set Free For all the Colors of Imagination
    The Feelings And Senses Within Inside Outside Above So Below and All Around Now
    With Creativity Already Exists in Heaven Eternally Now.. So What happens to this
    True Life Magic the Feeling of Christmas Every Day With No External
    Material Gifts Well of course those External Material Gifts
    are What Happens to Take the Christmas Tree We
    Color With so many more Colors than Rainbows
    Still to Breathe And Blink.. more than
    When Cars Become Lovers And Houses
    Become God and We Become Attached to Desks
    At School Data Download Machines to Spit Back what
    We are Spoon Fed to Live.. so we too will be compliant
    Slaves.. Cogs of a Machine as Slave to Others rather than
    Willing Servant who Pleases to Live and Love.. to Feel and Sense Life
    More The Colors of Moving Connecting And Co-Creating Free With Others more..
    Smiles when i Dance in Super-Walmart Never Does an Adult Join in on my Simple
    Bliss as i Become a Dance and Song Ever Present So Far Out of the Illusions of Neo-Cortex
    that make Human CLock Time And Deadlines and Worries Ever More Past and Future More than
    Gift of Present Now for Real.. but a Child Will Dance Free hehe.. at least a safe distance from the Wild
    And Free of Me.. for Those Parents who Find Joy in the Child’s Exploration Free in Dance as usually
    they do Spiral Free inherently copying the Movement of the Spiraling Arms of Our Milky Way Set Free
    Within as We are all Energy at Core that Golden Spirals in PHI Ratio 1.618 This Way as we become Yoga
    Union With What We Are as Positive Force Frequencies of Vibrations Synergies Energies from Head to toe more.. True A Child Needs no Words to Describe this for the Articulation is Present in the Free
    Spiraling Dance of the UNiVerSes they Uniquely Are A Star from Head to toe
    as that is where we come from Star Stuff too.. ‘Cosmos Unto itself’ as
    Even Carl Sagan Describes and illustrates so Well In his Book
    ‘Contact’ that was made into a Movie Where Truly A Purpose
    And Meaning of Life in Holy and Sacred Ways We do is
    to move.. connect and co-create together in Art that
    We Feel and Sense From Head to Toe Wild and
    Loving Free In Beauty of Love True Wisdom
    And Truth More to Be.. You Know You
    Feel You Sense Ms. Hugs
    True It’s not enough to Play
    a Piano AutotelicAlly Alone
    for there is Ally in that Word Allone
    When We NaturAlly Play with each other
    As Children do Exploring their Inner and Outer
    UniVerses with Imagination and Creativity More
    God is truly Present more as God eYes Us Move
    And Connect.. Yes Co-Create more so much more
    When We Hold Hands like this and True if We Never give
    Up and Keep Trying We Will Make Symbols Like Words Living
    And Organic to Open HeART Beats And Dance and Sing Spirit
    of Soul in as small as a Fiber Optic Cable to come alive as Record
    of Our Soul to Reach out a Dance And Song to Touch others even while
    We Sleep and Pass Away from this Earth in this Way Our Soul Lives on
    And True this is a Big Part of why People invented Words in the First place
    to make the Connection Longer than Just A Flesh and Blood Touch of yes my Friend..
    What i like about Your Blog is almost always whatever topic is on my Wonder and Imagination
    i will Find a Topic Here to relate that with You as You become my Audience and remain my Friend..
    it doesn’t really matter who reads what i write but when we give and share for free chances are we
    the World
    A bit as we
    Move Connect and
    Co-Create more and with
    that Sung will Leave A Clip
    of the Movie ‘Contact’ for it’s true
    when i saw that movie in Youth and
    Watched the Visitor from another Star
    System Sift the Sands of ‘Pensacola Beach’
    as was the Setting of Paradise and Heaven in that
    Movie for Real.. and the Shining Symbol of the Spiral
    of our Milky Way that Looks so much like the Number 6 or 9
    it brought that feeling and sense to me that we are all connected
    and no matter Distance.. Space.. Time or Matter Whether through the
    eyes of Quantum Mechanics in Physics or Philosophy of Soul through
    Thousands of Human Sage years of Dance And Song. There is no Distance
    Space.. Time or Matter We are in deed Form and Essence one Action one Dance and Song of Love..
    It Doesn’t Matter How much We Think We Know the Feeling And Sense of God as Oneness Survives
    And Thrives
    When We
    Who We Truly are
    Together Different and Always
    SaMe What FaMe What ForTune
    What Mastery More than All in All my
    Friend We Are i am ALLONELOVENOW..:)

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