About Wedding

About Wedding

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Wedding is an important day of our life. Depend the people it can be more or less significant. But one sure thing is that it’s pretty expensive day.

Lot of personal and financial investment. Do it really worth it? I personally prefer to use this money to enjoy a trip or important expense in life.

Than spend an enormous amount of money for 1 day. But as I said depend the people is more or less important. So I respect people who invest so much into it but it’s not my mentality.

Weddings today can be very expensive. People end up going so far into debt that it can take years to pay for it. Here in N. America the average cost of a wedding is $33,000. The average cost of an engagement ring is $3,100 and a wedding ring is $2,500.

The average cost for a wedding dress is $1,800. Catering for 100 guests runs about $6,000 to $8,000. And many people want something extra, something different to make their wedding stand out more than the average and that just makes it even more expensive. 

One man said his friend had spent $5,000 on the engagement ring for his fiance, so he decided to pay more for his just to outdo his friend. Unfortunately people rarely consider the costs, they just go ahead and do it and worry about it later. Does this really make sense? Is this really the best way to start off your marriage?

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  1. Hey ilona! Even though it’s old the message never gets old. People have to think about it.. but they grown up and taught like that… it’s not an over night.. it’s a long term project.. let’s start from us ..😉

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  2. I think that the money you invest in a marriage feast is not a problem , as long as this amount will not make problems in your financial abilities … that mean of course as if any loan is necessary , it is too much … I think what would be better is to understand that life is not easy everyday and that marriage is made to built a team to be able to pass the difficulties … that’s why the partners should head on the same direction even if both dont agree on this direction … take care

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  3. i can never understand entering a life in debt. we are victims to business. we have been brainwashed into believing we have to spend for this one day. if a woman doesnt have the best engagement ring she is seen as inferior to her friends.

    but i guess, all the spending keeps others in food, clothes, etc. lol

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  4. So much effort is put into wedding, which is just a by-product of marriage, weddings are short but marriages are lengthy, people should put more effort and energy on marriage,a life-time-project.rather than wedding, a day-time- project, because its values expire in hours, building home takes time and commitment of a lifetime,far more expensive than wedding but is the most ignored.

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