Those days we see a big lack of kindness everyday. I can see it with my own eyes, each day.

Between close people and strangers, some simple little things can bright the day of other people and yours too. How difficult it is to hold the door behind you, if you see someone is just right at your back? Not difficult at all, but overtime i go shopping i see, that nobody cares, even if there is a women with a baby, they just let it go, instead of making a little nice gesture. Yes they dont have to do that, but it makes me wonder, do we still have some humanity left on this planet?

People are not use to see any kindness anymore and if i do something nice, they are really surprised and they think, that it’s something strange and probably i will ask something in exchange, which i wont. I’m not saying, that i’m the kindest super hero here, no, far a way to be one.

But how much it cost to let someone go in front, if you see, that the person is rushing? If you see the lady at the cashier who is so tired, you can ask hard day? You know mine wasn’t better, can’t wait to be home. Instead of watching how she scan you stuff, you can have a little chat.

It can give a better mood for other person, to put a smile on other people faces feels good and i believe, that it will come back too, maybe in the different way, but it will.

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  1. So very true Ilona! Kindness like that is almost gone it seems. Not completely though, some kindness is still around but it does seem to be getting more rare all the time. So sad. But we can all work to change that by being kind to others on a daily basis. It isn’t hard.😁🌞😸🍁🍂

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  2. Exactly, Ilona! The civilization we build only is as good as the kindnesses, the gestures, we contribute. If we hold that door for someone today, someone else will open it for us tomorrow,

    Plus, an appreciative smile from a stranger is enough to buoy you for the rest of the day! Be kind on principle, be kind for selfish reasons if you wish. Either way, it nudges (humanity) just a bit closer toward « Good. »

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  3. I partially agree with you, because it depends where do you live.
    I live in Paris; people don’t have time for them. How can they have time for other people?
    When I spend time in a small village, in the countryside, people take time to greet and to smile, to ask « how are you? ».
    I don’t know if we lack more and more of humanity nowadays, but I prefer to see things like that : « I’m pessimistic in my observations, but optimistic in my actions. »

    Don’t be sad, people can be beautiful 😉

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  4. Kindness it should come from Heart. Everybody is rushing and that makes us one of them. But try to come out of that Highway zone whenever you can and look around everyone is busy and Tired show a little kindness, like you said. practising this next 48 days to daily one stranger will make you feel awesome… shall we?😉 Someone once said ✨ »Stay Kind, it makes you more beautiful »✨

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  6. There really two kind of people, the givers and the receivers, whenever the givers are few in their number,its become a significant problem in the society,by nature leaders are supposed to be givers.that answer the question why true and good friends are very scarce now adays.true friends are the real Angels on earth.

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