Some days

There is some days when you feel bad for some reasons or sometimes even without. Those days when the only thing, that you care is to go back to bed, cover yourself with a blanket and fell back to sleep as soon as possible, because dont want to see anyone.

This kind of moods are like a trap, you have to avoid it, because longer you stay in this kind of mood, more difficult it will be to escape from it. Force yourself to get up, even if you need 3 cups of coffee, create a routine for each day, it can be useful at the beginning, create reasons to get out of your house, even if you think, that there is no reasons, you can always find some, even to go to the shop to get some fresh tasty juice, sounds like a good reasons to go out.

I believe, that you can take control of yourself, who else if not You.

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  1. In Ancient Greece there was a ritual formed around this: it was called Katabasis. Sometimes we need to sink into the dark confines of the soul to sift through the ash he’s present. However, in this very act, we oftentimes will find the glowing Ambers of the soulful Self shining bright. This is the theme behind the Brothers Grimm fairytale rendition of Cinderella, is an arduous archetypal journey, but one well worth taking as we learn ways to take Self control. Thank you for the beautiful reminder

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