Cooking is art (breakfast)

I like when my food is tasty and looks good, also must be healthy, no gluten, only one spoon of brown sugar, 2 eggs, 2 glasses of coconut milk, and one and half glass of self raising flower. Voila😋🤗

French Pancakes in my kitchen💚
Dont forget fruits, its autumn, getting rainy and cold, boost your immune system with natural vitamins.

I m using black expresso coffee and i like to add hot soja milk inside. Want it? Come and get it🤣

Pictures are a little bit dark, sorry saving on the light🤣😂

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  1. I also coock to delicious food but pure veg food i like to coock..
    Its a secret i m going to tell you.
    Only vegetreian food have veraity and quality which can make us too healthy and best in world…

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