About kindness

Kindness is a value that comes when we are able to give without fully expecting a reward. It is one of the best qualities of the human way that we can bring joy to ourselves and others. Unfortunately, sometimes it seems too difficult to be good.

Being good is like a challenge in today’s world. It is no secret that wealth is the most important value in life right now.

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  1. SMiLes Ms. Hugs.. Kindness is a pay With
    Unlimited Intrinsic Rewards to Give and
    Share and Surely SMiLes Back is an
    Ultimate Reward Back as Well..
    Smiles.. People then Named
    me a Fool For Being Satisfied
    With A Low Paying Job in a Most
    Humble Way of Serving others Yes..
    Passing Out Rental Shoes at a Bowling
    Center at Close to American Minimum Wage
    Dollars after Receiving 3 Degrees in College ’83..
    But Again What Reward Greater Than Exchanging
    Smiles of Eyes Just to Serve a ‘Re-Creation’ of the Day/Night
    True.. i did not Bowl.. True.. i never really ‘Learned’ How to Bowl..
    Yet exchanging
    Smiles and
    Other Folks Joy
    Playing together just
    to Knock 10 Pins Down
    With Hi-Fives Were Waves
    of Human Warmth their Joy
    Brought Back to the Empath of
    Me Each and Every Night i worked
    there for almost 2 Decades Last Few
    Years as Manager.. hehe as the Job was
    Converted to Federal Service about 9 Years
    into the Job retaining those Lower Paid Years
    for Retirement Purposes too anyway Just easy Change
    of the Department Defense Rules at the Military Station
    i worked on and my Pay Doubled then.. i bought the same
    Home You See on my Blog in ’93.. True We ate Pork and Beans
    and Frozen Leg Quarters My Wife had to Separate to Afford the
    Down Payment then.. i purchased a New Camaro in ’94 that i would
    Keep 14 More Years.. Still What Better Pay was THeRE Providing Re-Creation
    And Giving And Sharing Smiles With Others.. none then and still none more now
    As Kindness is the Ultimate Art of Love that Keeps the Human Species not only
    Surviving but Thriving too..
    Anyway.. that Home We Purchased
    was about the Price of the Huge Four Wheel
    Drive Trucks People Drive With Ominous Chrome
    Faces that seem to try so hard to Prove the Drivers
    Are Finally Real Strong Men even if they haven’t done
    much of anything Challenging Physically.. Since their
    ‘Glory Ball’ Days of High School.. it is what it is Those
    Big Trucks Really Still Suck A Lot of Oil out of the
    Earth too.. but that’s what they seem to
    Love most their Trucks and Bigger
    Homes.. smiles i stayed with
    the same home the
    same car and
    the Same
    Don’t have
    any Surviving Children
    but what i do have now is
    the Freedom From Money that
    Eventually Ruled my Life as Reductions
    in Force actually Pushed me up and not down
    the Ladder of Advancements for Pay as 10,000 Dollars
    a Year Changed into 30,000 then Finally Close to 50,000 American
    Dollars by The End of my Government Pay.. that Helps as they base
    Your Retirement on the Last 3 High Years of Pay not the Whole Career
    Average of Pay.. plus the Years of Service.. but You See the Last 5 Years
    of my 25 Years active for Pay Service for the Federal Government Service
    i became attached to a Computer… Administrator Manager Accounting Payroll
    Information Technology Support Supervising 31 Employees Second in Charge
    of a Department of over 130 Employees helping everyone else do their Job
    Separated From Smiles that Brought Joy to Customers Assisting them
    Directly in their Re-Creation then.. Far removed from the Human
    Product the Real Value of Flesh and Blood Face to Face
    Love for the Village A Real Village of Humans
    Together Alive.. Anyway After i fell
    to the Last 11 Years of Chronic
    Stress of that and the last
    2 Years of that in Acute
    Fight or Flight
    « General Adaptation
    Syndrome » Also Named
    ‘Human Exhaustion’ brought
    the 19 Medical Disorder Symptoms
    of Pain and Numb.. Full Force to me..
    Having to Say i can’t do it any more and
    seeking outside Help was really Hard for me..
    i almost waited until the illnesses Destroyed me
    And Killed Me Dead.. but finally i gave in i remember
    Sitting in My Yard feeling so Close to Death looking to
    the South separated from Emotions in Pain of Numb too..
    Wondering How i could ever get back to a Humble Life Just
    Serving other Folks with no more worries of Money and true ironically
    those 19 Medical Disorders and 66 Months in a Life Threatening Synergy
    of Pain and Numb as a Shut-in in my Bedroom ended up being a Greatest Gift
    of a Ticket all the way out of Hell into Heaven to come then in the Summer of 2013..
    once again i was free to Love Free to Give and Share and never would Money then
    Be a Worry Again… Smiles my Friend my First Word of 12 Million Words or so online
    Was on Thanks Giving Day of 2010.. i have written 3224 consecutive Days Since then
    Today September 23rd, 2019.. the 33 Months before that the Pain of Type-Two Trigeminal
    Neuralgia lasting all 66 Months from wake to sleep assessed as the Suicide Disease Like
    someone Drilling Your Teeth without Novocaine yes actually assessed as literally Worse than
    the Torture of Crucifixion was So Great the First 33 Months that Effective Use of my Eyes
    and Ears was almost Impossible as the Pain was in my Right Eye and Ear.. It was
    literally as if ‘the devil Incaranate’ lived as a Pain in my Right Eye and Ear
    And it took 2 Years to Get Diagnosed by a Pain Specialist.. People
    Used to act like it really can’t be that bad for it was an
    invisible Disease/Pain to them.. the Doctor Still
    Called me Healthy And Slender
    Looking When i first
    could not
    go to
    but he admitted
    that i had the worst
    Case of Anxiety even among
    Combat Fatigue Soldiers as he
    was an Air Force Psychiatrist as
    A Major in the Reserves then..
    i was so depressed he
    wanted to see
    if they
    could implant
    a Vagal Nerve Stimulator
    to see if i could feel anything
    of emotions again.. nothing he could
    do for me.. until eventually i cured myself
    through Meditative Dance and Song for little
    Did i know then the Free Verse Write that i finally
    endured a First Mountain of Pain to do on that Thanks
    Giving Day 33 Months into the Pain.. would become an actual
    Meditative Activity in Flow that would Eventually Re-Build my Mind
    and Body Balance Like a 6 Million Word Man by that Summer of 2013
    then.. as i really Wrote from Wake to Sleep Every Day that was my Entire
    Life then to do anything to escape that Pain and Numb.. and a Huge part of the
    Record of that still exists on the ‘Wrong Planet Website’ Well Before i started Blogging too..
    hehe.. the People on that Internet Site for Outcasts used to call me.. the 7,000 Word Man..
    and now i am literally a 7.3 Million Word Dude with a Bible Long Form Epic Poem that way..
    Smiles the Dance Came After the Song Starting at the end of August of 2013 about a Month
    after i really miraculously recovered from the Pain and Numb.. Yes still Diagnosed as Bi-Polar
    as hey.. that surely is what it comes labeled as when someone steps out of Hell of 66 Months
    and suddenly becomes a Butterfly of Heaven free to Public Dance as opposed to Shut-in in
    Bedroom back then.. the Autism Spectrum Disorder per Asperger’s Syndrome a Huge
    Challenge all during my life but Human Potential is incredible as our Genetics
    in Epigenetics will Change in Neuroplasticity of Mind and Body as there
    are few real concrete Human Given Labels that will not be changed
    at Essence For a Human Who Never Gives up and
    accommodates challenge more.. anyway
    i’ve worn many shoes in my life
    that only lend more
    Cognitive Empathy
    Skills in Sympathy And
    Compassion too to Help others
    more.. Will i do anything for Money Hell No..
    That is what brought me close to Death in the
    First Place why would i wanna be any Part of that
    God Again.. anyway i’ve literally reached out and touched
    Millions of People with my Art online and no telling how far
    my Dance has traveled with thousands of Video Voyeur records
    of my Ministry of a Meditative Public Dance in Social Media still as
    Far as that Travels Free too.. hehe other folks promoted the Dance
    i really didn’t have to Do anything but Dance to get them to Spread
    A Message of Healing Dance for those who ever choose that Medicine
    to become Free in Mind and Body Spirit Soul and Heart Now Regulating
    Emotions and Integrating Senses Even more.. and my Bible Poem is
    Mostly a Copy and Paste of Travels of Writing all around the Globe
    With Over a Thousand Interactions with Other folks too.. smiles
    Celebrating a Fall Equinox Conception Anniversary
    of 60 Years today.. not sure today is precisely
    the Day my Mother and Father Created
    me.. but close enough hehe..
    for ‘Government Work’ as ‘they’ say
    as the Doctor’s original Scheduled Date
    for my Delivery was close to the Summer
    Equinox in 1960.. Delivering me 2 Weeks Early
    on June 6th, 1960 so he could go on Summer Vacation then..
    yes.. actually inducing Labor Early by Drug with my Mother then..
    Anyway basically created 60 Years ago.. still Dancing Still Singing
    Empirically Measurable as stronger than ever Before.. yes still Leg
    Pressing 609 Kilograms with ease at 18 reps with a Max Effort of
    690 Kilograms at 8 Reps 6 times my Weight of 109 Kilograms now..
    hehe.. helps me move the Big Mass of my Body With Feather ease
    in Public Dance.. Floating Like a Butterfly Flying all around truly with
    a Sting of A Bee with a Martial Arts Kick i religiously Practice for
    over 5 Years now too.. of course only if necessary to Defend
    Life from Injury as such.. anyway my Friend Bottom Line
    Strong Enough to Love without Fear with Endurance
    oF A Real Energizer Bunny of Love Now
    with so much more to give and
    share to my last Breath
    and BLiNK of Life
    NoW WHere i for
    Assessed Functionally Medically Legally
    Permanently Disabled or not Now will Leave
    this Earth with a clear sign i Lived i really Lived LiVE
    to give and share as i finally escaped the God of Money
    And once again became Best Doing Friends with the God of Love
    What is most important is to Love when one Does the Rest of Life
    Falls Together Naturally as JoY iN LiGHT.. Kindness and Courage
    What makes Cinderfella’s Tick too no Matter Obstacles as Dark BecoMes LiGHT..
    And true People see me as Public Dance Legend/Folks Hero now.. not for who i am but for What
    i Do as Free LoVE NoW iN Dance And Song Best oF all All oF iT DoNE NoW without an Unloving Cent or
    Dollar Earned to
    Ground me
    to Division
    Bells oF EARTH
    In Deep Pits WHeRE Money
    Traps the Human Soul Away from LOVEARTS
    True That Teal Green Camaro from 1994 has
    Changed into a Station Wagon online Where
    Each Week i release Huge Balloons.. MacroVerse
    Poems of a Much Bigger Bible Poem.. Messages in Bottles Randomly
    Close to Novel Size Now Each week Number 893 as of the Finish
    Now of Writing « FaLL EQuiNoX DREaMS CoNCEiVE 60 YeaRS »
    Floating in an
    Next of what
    MaY come
    Will Be as Wind
    Travels my Soul Longer and Farther..
    Just to Give and Share For Free the
    Bottom Line is the Meek Who Are Strong
    Enough to Lift a Fist but do Not have to..
    They Actually Do Inherit the LoVE oF EartH Free
    Those Who are SmART ENough to Make Lots of Money
    But Don’t Need to as Much As they Are Wise enough not
    to Spend too much.. And Loving Enough to Value Kindness over any Material
    Thing When SMiLes become Money And Hugs and Laughs become a Barter of Joy..
    You know i realize Jesus Is Just a Story Created by Innumerable Unnamed Authors
    Through Centuries of Combined Effort Yet the Good Cop ‘Jesus’ A Real Jesus is my
    Aim to
    Never Be my Friend
    for true Labels Get Killed
    And Legends for Real do not Die For Real..
    Haha.. like when Batman’s Mentor told Him
    When He Came out of the Dark For Vengeance
    Be More than Vigilante Against Evil Pursue an Ideal and then
    if ‘they’ can’t stop You.. You become something Much Greater than a Man
    Again Legend For Real..
    Haha.. then You can go on
    a ‘Miami Vacation’ For Ever now
    and Let ‘the Legend’ Do all the work
    but i already LiVE iN Paradise within
    And the Beaches are no Less Beautiful
    Than Anywhere in the World All the Women are
    Lovely but Most not Nearly as Soul Rich as i what i See as ‘Wind’ in Foreign Lands..
    OBTW.. i’m not including my Wife as A Best Friend States She is Already ‘Supernatural’..
    All she
    has to
    Do is
    to be Legend hehe
    And A Person of
    This Century at Least for me.. HAha..
    OBTW After the MacroVerse i am Writing
    Today the Next one is « 12,000 Miles of Public Dance »
    As i am at 11,966 Miles only 34 Miles more to Finish By Sunday
    for a September 30th Publish For that Celebration too as it also
    Will Be A Photo Album of All Smiling Dance Partner Selfies from
    the Last 6 Months at our Metro Dance Hall True too.. hehe.. lots of tabs
    open but
    still only
    on one
    Tab at a Tab Now For Real..;)

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