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First, about drinks and food. Drink your coffee at home, or make it at home and take it with you. This way you won’t need to buy it. I used to buy a lot of water, but now I keep filling up the same bottle and taking it with me.

Usually having regular eating hours helps to avoid buying extra snacks.

About lunch at work, I take mine from home, because I’m following my diet, so I don’t need to buy it.

Beauty stuff. I’m doing my nails on my own, it’s not that difficult. It can take some time, but doing it on my own I can still save time, even if it takes long. In a beauty centre it takes 30-45 minutes just for a manicure, I can do it in 15 minutes. A pedicure takes 1 hour, 20 minutes, at home it takes a maximum of 30 minutes. So you can save time and money.

Face cleaning. With all the choice of products in SEPHORA, you can really find what works for you and do it at home.

Eyebrows. I don’t do permanent make up on eyebrows, I use a pen each morning. Almost all beauty care I do at home. There is one thing that I am not able to do, and that’s hair coloring. So I color the roots once per month.

Now a very important step. Take a picture of clothes, bags and shoes that you have. Each time you escort your friend for shopping and you want to buy something, look at the pictures. Because I have noticed that I forget what I have. Pictures remind me that I already have a lot of clothes and I don’t need more.

Food shopping. Make sure the date will be good for at least a week, don’t buy snacks, they won’t fill you up, better to buy some nutritional food.

Make a budget for food and don’t spend more. Remember, that homemade is more healthy, more tasty and is cheaper than at the restaurant.

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  1. What drink is that in the picture? It looks yummy. 😋 I also make most of my drinks at home and try not to buy drinks and food while I am out of the house, except for the odd occasion. It’s crazy how much money we end up spending without even realizing it when we aren’t tracking our expenses.

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      1. I’m writing down everything I buy this month and I’m noticing this spending habit as well. It’s amazing how we often “forget” how much we spend on a day-to-day/weekly/monthly basis. Even though I don’t like plain water, I try to carry a bottle of water with me, especially when I’m not home. Lately I’ve been making large batches of steeped fruit tea using tea leaves from David’s Tea (gourmet tea leaf store). In store, it’s very pricy to buy a ready-made tea if they make it for you. It makes way more sense for me to make large batches of tea at home. 🧘‍♀️🌱

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      2. Me too i started to write all since last month, the most i spend is by little amount, but often, so i stopped buying coffee everyday, dont know about the price in Canada, but here 4euros cup of latte to take away, so in 5 days is20 in 10days40, 20 days80 euro just for coffee in a month is about 100euro? Not anymore, i didnt relized until i started to write it down💛, so now i make it at home, i have a special plastic cup, so i m able to take it with me and i drink it on the way to work. Another thing manicure and i needed it like every 2weeks, each time 18 euro🙄, so i tried to make on my own and it wasnt big difference, than at the beauty center, yes, they do better job for sure, but i’m hoping to improve🤣, so 118euro i can save each month, in a year its 1416euros, seems not bad🤔

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  2. Great advises Ilona!
    I had a period that I used to write down every single cent that I used to spent and it helped me a lot to understand what I need and what I don’t 🙂
    I was never a « shopping addicted » but I guess living in a rented small apartment and relocating quite often, I’ve learned to say no in buying something if I don’t really need…I do some exceptions in the kitchen though 🙂
    I always like to eat my homemade food and I always bring my lunch in the office too 🙂
    Is not only cheaper but is healthier too 🙂

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    1. Thank you:), yes, specially of you following your diet, is better to take food with you, because sometimes i can’t find what i need they always add something inside what is not in my diet list and there is always a lot of people at the restaurants, specially at lunch, so until i will get my meal i will be 1 hour late😂💚

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  3. Hey ilona, Wonderful post indeed. I think it can be a common topic like doing things on our own instead of wasting money when we can do it cheaper. and making our own food is cheap and healthier too.. A good lifestyle tips✨👌✍️

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  4. It seems to me that all issues are well considered in the complex. And life does not consist only of money and time. but also from the expenditure of mental strength and mood. I think that not everything is so simple. And if in order to maintain and maintain a good mood, you want to go to the hairdresser and make eyebrow tint, then you need to do this. And this is its contribution to the preservation of human resources …

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    1. Yes, true, but if someone heaving a money problem or want to save for a car, we have to think what is our priority, sometimes is difficult to say no to ourselves, specially when the result of spending makes as feel good, as you said eyebrows or hair done, feels good right? 🙂

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