Adultery problem PART2

(Collaboration with Massiva)

People rarely understand themselves righteously, and if they do not, they may regard themselves as alienated from the surrounding social life. In this way, the individual is alienated and alienated from society as a whole, closes in the inner world, and nowadays it is increasingly common and causes many problems.  In modern society, many people remain excluded from the entire relevant group.

Adultery is bad. Adultery is the constant lie. If you put the first finger in the gear of the lie, you can not remain yourself, you turn into a vulgar impostor. Lying become as vital to you as the air you breathe.

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  1. many people live outside the morals/laws of society and religion and lead lives that could be considered just/right. we sometimes see these people as unconventional. they may not be considered breakers of laws and need to be taken to court or jail, but live on the edge. we have many of these people in history.

    we need all types of views in the world for life is about collecting these views to work well. your view, i feel, about the subject is harsh. but it is your view. it may become softer or harder as you continue in your life. i hope you will continue to keep an open mind and see life is full of mistakes as well as excellence. to place conditions on love or life in general can place one in chains and limit ones freedom to be who they should be.

    we have choices. i hope as humans we can never give up the freedom of choice.

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  2. Hey ilona, This is a great post. Couldnt able to comment on first post. But would like to share one info. Adultery is a crime in some countries, it was a crime in my country once, not anymore now sadly 🧐. Nice collabration…✨👌

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