Adultery problem PART4

(collaboration post with Massiva)

After having cheated on his partner, one is often remorseful: the only way to free oneself is to confess everything. But here is the paradox. To take away our own burden, the one we ourselves created, we have to hurt our partner.
Everyone suffers unnecessarily for a few moments of stolen pleasures.
If you are ever tempted to cheat on your partner, think about this text and most important, think about the consequences of your actions.

The attitudes towards self and others resulting from the inborn rebellion become so hostile that many of these hermits question the meaning of life and no longer understand the essence of existence. 

Alienated people become indifferent to those around them. No more caring for loved ones, no longer helping in difficult moments, because for the alienated person it seems unnecessary and no longer important.

Human  is the most wonderful creature on earth. He thinks, works, develops his personality. Human is not perfect but strives for perfection. He is an individuality, a unique personality. Only the stops of alienation can keep a person from being trapped.

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  1. I think that adultery is cruel. My opinion is if the relationship isn’t working, then it should fail on its own, without outside interference. There is nothing good that can happen when a third person enters the situation.

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  2. i feel this write has missed the fact about biology and centered on the emotions and moral aspects of the subject.
    humans as an animal may not be biologically suited to a monogamous relationship. humans forced humans to be monogamous by setting up the rules in society and religion. they did this, i feel, to separate humans from other animals.

    it does take two to keep a relationship together. both need to work on it. if one is not getting their expectations met, they rarely tell their partner and rather seek someone else who does meet their expectations. maybe when this happens, one is just responding to the natural biological feelings inside us.

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    1. Yes, we putted our knowledge together and we came up with this post, i somehow did think about cold emotions by writing it. For some reasons adultery associate for me with coldness. Always good to know more and to see things from other perspective.
      I think, that many people are afraid to tell for their partners, that their are not happy or that they met someone else, instead many of them prefer to cheat on the side, which i think is wrong.

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      1. Not saying that adultery or cheating or whatever you would like to call it is right. Just that as humans it may be biologically imprinted in us to not be monogamous. Not anyone person, I feel, to meet all our needs. This is why I feel when should practice being in relationships with many different people before deciding if they want to be in a relationship with only one person. This does not mean if one is in a relationship that cannot have friends that might meet other needs that their partner cannot or will not meet.

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      2. Of course its normal, not everyone can be or want to be monigamous, which is a choice of each person. Maybe at the end some of us even prefer to be alone, instead of being in couple. I think, out there is to many rules, which we are pushed follow. And the limits where normal starts and not normal begins. I dont know who is creating this limits. But we are free people. I’ m againt closing the partner in the cage with me and limiting his freedom to meet other people. Is difficult to talk about part 4, because my collaboration partner Massiva wrote it, mine is just the last blog of this post.😂

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  3. Adultery can happen to anyone, to keep the relationship or not is a hard decision to make. However, is it forgivable? Yes. If the guilty partner is remorseful and changed his habits. When to let go? If it is an habitual act, if it is evident that your partner totally loss interest on you. That is why it is important to work on your relationship, to keep the fire burning 🙂

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  4. Hey ilona, Wow! This is a very big collab. And the content is very clear.. Adultery … Human are being the example of everything, good and bad and worst. Being a human is a gift, no idea why people still prefer to cheat someone. Adultery committing people are actually heartless and care nothing about others feelings. We are human we have feelings and how could a human do such thing hurt others feeling?. Ever heard of « The Great Hornbills » they fell in love with one mate and forever in love with them and until death, they are the natures true icon of love.

    Thanks for your time ilona..✨👌 A great work✨✍️

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    1. Hello Simon, thank you so much, i think, that this days adultery happens very often in relationship, because people dont talk enough with each other, if we feel like we need someone else, we should break up and then, do what we want. To lie behind someone back it’s wrong i think. Now more and more i hear about people who has open relationship, what do you think about it?

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      1. i think its completely nonsense. How can some one can love anyone as they think? the respect towards a relationship is being genuine and respecting each others feeling. When a bird can be true to each other till their death why human cannot be? it can… but people do not respect the feelings and thats why this adultery happens.. Kids should be taught in such manner and shud ensure in future kids respect feelings and relationship.✍️✨

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  5. For one week I was with a guy who said he couldn’t be in a one person relationship. He wanted to be in a poly relationship because to him that was the only way he could make us work. I think that people seek to be with another person because not everyone can get what they need in a relationship from one person

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    1. Good afternoon, good to see you on my new blog, i hope, that you remember me from my old one?
      I have noticed, that more and more people like open relationship, i have no idea how they can make it work, my boyfriend is so jealous, even if i smile to someone, he say: why did you smiled to him you like or something😂i have to be careful even with smiling😂

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      1. I remember you from your old blog. I had followed and then you disappeared from my follow list and feed. I missed your posts

        My boyfriend doesn’t like me spending time with other guys either when they are just friends. I could never do an open relationship because I would feel the same if he was with other girls

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