Adultery Problem PART1

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We often want to return to a closed society, choosing to do good in concrete rather than abstract terms, on the one hand, is a manifestation of the moral attitudes that have developed over the mind , and, on the other, the limitations of the mind.

The loss of a sense of comfort and security, alienation, is a sacrifice that people inevitably sacrifice for the sake of efficiency and peace as societies expand and opportunities grow.

The more people are considered to be theirs, the less specific  commitment can be made to them. The collisions between the abstract and the concrete world open and closed societies  and their rules give rise to many conflicts in modern society, which can explain the contradictions of law and morality. By the way, when it comes to the comfort and security of living in a community, it must be remembered that ignoring and destroying the great society not only allows us to live safely in our community.

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