Ever happened to you?

When you are opening your heart to someone, you are talking about your problems and after that person use it against you?

Be careful with your words, people can use it against you❤️

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      1. Well to forget we cant just forget because we want to. Today i had flashback to the first year of university, where i trusted the wrong people. When i remember it now looks so silly, but at that moment was hard to carry on😱

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  1. Hey ilona, another beautiful post✨👌 Our words can be used agaist us ✨ we should be very careful when loosing out words from mouth. Because words once came out of mouth cannot be taken back. ✨ And sometime it can be used against us in a way we dont imagine✍️ Have a nice evening ilona✨✍️

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  2. Bonjour Mon AMIE
    Comment trouver le bonheur

    Ne le cherche pas le bonheur dans tes souvenirs
    Cela te ferait beaucoup plus de mal
    Tu retrouverais les bons ainsi que les mauvais
    Si tu veux trouver le bonheur
    Cherche le dans le présent
    C’est seulement là qu’ il t’attend et là tu éviteras ceux qui peuvent te faire du mal
    Alors vit ton bonheur dans ce présent
    Belle semaine à toi , tes proches tes amies
    Pour toi une partie de mon bonheur
    Bisous Bernard

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