Tuesday in Pink


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I'm here to post my thoughts and positive pictures❤️

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  1. Good job! Thank you for our beautyfull, and positives pictures. Pink it’s an very sweet colour, not only for girls.
    Sorry please for my English level. Le cœur y est!


  2. SMiLes.. Busy Putting Together my Current Massive
    MacroVerse Blog Post hehe.. stopping by to reply back
    to Your Question as to if i have purchased a BatMan T-Shirt
    For Dance and What my Favorite Movie is.. Hehe.. yes the First
    Short 22 Second YouTube Clip the First of 12 that i will publish there
    for the Record of the 12,000 Miles of Public Dance is provided here for
    Your Amusement too hehe..the Store Music Wasn’t what i was listening to
    but my Wife said the Dance Went with the Song in a Whimsical way
    too in other words it doesn’t matter a bit to me how i look when
    i Dance i Do it for the Real Nirvana and Bliss of what
    the Meditative Movement Brings me within.. True
    some folks sit still for Hours Meditating likely
    not coming to in even one step or word
    Close to all the Colors of Heaven i
    Experience within in a Full
    Christmas Tree of me
    Lit with Dance
    And Song
    With No
    Instruction but
    From Within for the
    Dance Step that comes
    Next all iNtuitive As Such..
    i don’t watch hardly any TV
    and rarely go to Movies.. i prefer
    Directing Producing and Acting my
    Own Play of life long since the Spectator
    Audience Member View of Life i’ve long since passed
    through in what has arrived as 60 Years of Conception
    on Earth and Birthday Number 60 coming soon enough on
    June 6th of 2020 too.. hehe.. as far as inspiration goes and Real
    Life Impact in Affect and Effect not much like the Non-Realistic Portrayal
    of Super Heroes more associated with Killing with Force other than Peace
    And Harmony of Change there is the ‘Forrest Gump’ Movie although with a
    Realistic War Segment as Life goes when Drafts and Volunteers for Nation
    Wars go too.. and Real Life Heroes are Born and Die.. Forrest was willing to
    lay down His Life to save others.. and very interesting to me is the Message that
    it is not what you Are Born with that counts but what you do with every ounce of Our
    Human Potentials.. i surely will relate to this on the Autism Spectrum not able to Speak
    until age 4 not able to Move without People making Fun of me as a Dizzy Fly or Perhaps
    an Uncoordinated Runner with his Legs kicking out every which way and Loose hehe.. or
    the Boy considered Ugly by Girls and Girl by Boys Androgynous and seen too weak to even
    Deserve to exist a Coat Hanger with Clothes on as such too.. that didn’t stop me from having a
    voice whether anyone listened to me or not as is the case still now.. and that surely didn’t stop
    me from Leg Pressing the Most Weight at the Gym Still Now more thru 4 Decades Folks my Junior
    And no it did not stop me from Dancing in Public a Distance of 4 times across the United States
    in Stores in 73 Months either.. for it’s true i did not only become inspired by Forrest Gump i
    Became a Real Forrest Gump in Real Life to show that could really be done too.. no
    i did not play Ping Pong but i did focus on Tennis for almost a Decade and that’s
    what it takes to really get good at anything make that one thing the Focus
    in Flow removing Yourself from all other Distractions as that is precisely
    the Lesson Forrest Gump Brings it did not stop him from achieving
    what no other Human did.. even though He was Functionally
    Disabled from Birth both Physically and in Certain
    Intelligence Aspects too but you see Standard
    IQ Measures very Little of what Human
    Potential Really Will Be for it does
    Not Measure the Human
    When Impassioned
    in Flow to Light
    up a Human
    Christmas Tree even
    More.. and haha the Myth
    that Stiff Neck Macho has anything
    to do with Strength for it is Grace of Movement
    in Repose of Eternal Rest that is God’s Way of even
    Planets not getting ‘tired’ of revolving around Stars and
    the Same For Stars Revolving around Black Whole Suns
    as Well as our Milky Way Powers its Self this way too Now..
    It is rather simple Grace of Movement eliminates Stress and
    Tension and Anxiety also known as Human Fear that Freezes our
    Human Potential from just a little bit to all.. as Fear Will Freeze all
    Human Potential in its Tracks do whatever it takes to Eliminate Fear
    Then Focus on what You Love to do most in Balance of Flow one task at one task now..
    eliminating all external distractions in Flow and Yes then become a Real Forrest Gump too..
    it won’t be the External Rewards and Awards that count it will be the Lit up Christmas Tree
    of Excellence in Bliss and Nirvana one Senses and Feels within as one Excels.. smiles
    my Friend the Joy is in the activity itself no matter one word or one step of Dance or
    7.3 Million Free Verse Bible Poem Words and or 12,000 Miles of Public Dance in the
    same 73 Months for Now is all that Exists it is the one step and word and
    All the Colors that one Step and Word Bring Now that is all that
    counts in love with the moving connecting and co-creating
    We Do that Makes Life both Real and God Now as Verb
    And never empty Label or Shell of Words without A
    Real Essence of Love the Positive Frequencies
    And Vibrations of the Force ALL in Synergies of
    Energies All of Existence is Now as
    all is the
    of and God
    US Real Easier for WE to
    See this ‘Wind’ in Flow Eternally
    NoW As Water Wave Ocean Whole..:)

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  3. Smiles another Impressive aspect of Forrest Gump Was His Unconditional Love of Jenny
    With So Much Respect.. Truly The Epitome of a Monogamous Man of Love For His Woman
    He was.. i am a bit Different i have a Holy and Sacred Respect of Love For All Women…
    Yes.. i am Monogamous in a Physical Sense but in a Spiritual Feel and Sense
    i Love All Women For that is the ‘Property’ my Mother Engrained in me most
    and the Women in my Life who were Girls too who first saw me
    more than an Ugly Boy Who Looked Like a Weak
    Girl.. they saw my Soul they Saw the Good
    Within Very Few Males Could See
    that Value of my Soul and
    ever since
    then i have
    Much Holy and
    Sacred Respect
    for the Divine Feminine
    Unconditional Love Women
    Are Able to Bring to Light in
    The World No Matter What the
    Shell of Life may Look Like on the Outside..
    Eventually i got better Looking too and hehe
    was able to return other gifts too the Soul Never Grows old when truly Lit up
    Like a Christmas Tree unafraid to Dance And Sing a SonG oF SoUL FoR ReaL
    Lives too
    my Style True..:)

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