О любви

A little translation:

love doesn’t lives 3 years, love doesn’t lives 3 days, love lives as long as two people want it to live.

Not sure if it sounds good in english, well😂

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  1. « love doesn’t lives 3 years, love doesn’t lives 3 days, love lives as long as two people want it to live. »

    It’s Just Synchronicity that i was Just Discussing the Story of Jesus; But What is More Important
    Really; 3 Days of Suffering on A Cross or 66 Months of What i did With Type Two Trigeminal
    Neuralgia From Wake to Sleep Assessed as worse than the Pain of Crucifixion other wise
    named as the Suicide Disease and the Worst Pain of Hell Know to Humankind.. but
    Less pain to me than Losing one’s Emotions and no longer remembering if one
    ever felt a Smile or Laugh in Life as Emotions are
    Memories and Memories are Emotions…
    As that is about as Bad as Hell will
    Get when all becomes time eternally
    Now as Hell within For Real
    And True it is not the Soul
    Mates We Find In Life that
    are truly Love Most
    it is the Love Now
    We Find in Others
    That Makes us Greater
    Soul Mates Unto Us to Give
    And Share Love Freer to everyone
    and the Rest of Nature Freer for What Light
    are Two Candles of Art as Love now if the Rest
    of the World is Covered From Love to Be Now.. more
    At Best We all Generate More Love in Each other to give
    and share to all… so what about 3 Years per the Story of Jesus
    What is More Important His Life Teachings or the Suffering Stories
    of His 3 Day Torture to Death What about any other Artist Who is Remembered
    in Death and is Never really Noticed in Life.. it is the Art of Teaching whatever
    That Art of Beauty.. Wisdom.. Truth and Light That LiveS oN That is a Real Gift
    to all of Humankind and the rest of Existence as God Most.. We all learn soon enough
    that Life is a Rose of Dark and Light and Both Thorns and Flowers Make A Whole Rose of Life..
    At Best We Focus
    on Teachings innate
    And Environment
    of Love and Do that
    Most so much more as
    Flowers than Focusing on
    Thorns Yet a Quarter of
    the World Worships a
    Man’s Suffering more
    Than Acting
    upon the Teachings
    of the Beauty Wisdom
    Truth in Light of His Life
    What Lesson is to be learned
    of Focus on Thorns Away from Lessons
    of Flowers of Love to give and Share shall
    i provide a 5 Letter word.. yes.. i will the Opposite
    of all of this when God Becomes ‘Trump’ instead of Love..
    When Thorns of Roses Become More Important than Red of Flowers
    The Blood of Life That truly Lights US up as Love A Christmas Tree Real US from
    Head to Toe Spreading so many more Colors of Our Lights to All of God Ocean Whole NoW..:)

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