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many people live outside the morals/laws of society and religion and lead lives that could be considered just/right. we sometimes see these people as unconventional. they may not be considered breakers of laws and need to be taken to court or jail, but live on the edge. we have many of these people in history. 

we need all types of views in the world for life is about collecting these views to work well. your view, i feel, about the subject is harsh. but it is your view. it may become softer or harder as you continue in your life. i hope you will continue to keep an open mind and see life is full of mistakes as well as excellence. to place conditions on love or life in general can place one in chains and limit ones freedom to be who they should be.

we have choices. i hope as humans we can never give up the freedom of choice.

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  1. Usually Nature has a reason as Art for what we do if look deep enough and consider
    the Entire Photo of Both Survive and Thrive; understanding that First We do what
    it takes to Survive in Harsh environments; and then if possible we Thrive and do Joy
    Within; inside outside; above so below; and all around as a Dance And Song of Life that
    Wworks best
    for All of Us!
    oF LiGHT
    Get naked
    And all Dance
    Together but true
    some folks are not quite
    that liberated and would
    rather keep their clothes
    on and Stay to their selves now…
    People who join the Military are usually
    a bit more into thrill seeking the adrenaline
    of the Fight the Cut to the Chase of the Beautiful
    Young Woman at the Local Bar who becomes a Wife
    in a Longer Skirt Next but true too she may be a bit more
    Adventurous to even be in the Bar like the Future Provider
    From the Military; the Husband too; hmm as i’ve mentioned before
    i am very Physically Monogamous as far as Naked Flesh and Blood
    stuff in real life goes; but of course my other sources of pleasure and bliss
    in Life are practically ever coloring more as blessings i am able to create all
    Natural within; i also bond easy with the Cozy Warm Love of oxytocin too thanks
    to my Mother who wired me that way from 0 to age 3 with plenty of Warm Hugs staying
    Home with us until my Law Enforcement more Adventurous Father Left the Nest rarely to
    return again hunting for the Next Prize of Mate.. as he would marry Her two times and do a
    Third Wife too; one is enough for me; true, the fact that some folks name her Eternal Teenager
    and even Supernatural in Beauty wearing no make-up at age 49; same Teen body; yes, when i met
    her at age 19 in 1989; Felt i died and went to Heaven that day on September 21st of 1989 when
    we first
    and i saw
    the Whole Gift
    of God that Adultery
    Brought of her yes it’s
    True Her Mother Strayed while
    Her Military Husband was at Sea
    with another Pacific Islander Military
    Dude off a Ship who would Never claim
    that he Fathered my Wife and Her Fraternal
    Twin.. little did that man know one day his daughter
    would be famous for being married to me with winks hehe..
    not famous enough to make money just famous enough to be
    called famous and be married to me.. hAha.. and it’s worth noting
    that she doesn’t like my Dance or my Poetry even a 17,000 Word Poem
    i wrote Celebrating Her Beauty but it’s true opposites attract too we are
    both suited well to Monogamy; and she has no Jealousy whatsoever for
    Deep Love i’ve shared with Other Women that would make many Women
    Extremely Jealous and threaten to Leave me.. if i continued to Pursue that
    Agape Love with Other Women.. thing is.. my Wife has known me for 30
    Years; she knows feels and senses who i am our Marriage works for it has
    NO SECRETS.. i Love to Look at a Variety of Naked Women like all other
    Men who are half way Human at least.. and my Wife totally understands
    that as long as it stays on the Screen and no where else as she has
    helped me with that activity a bit too as she enjoys my
    Joy too.. that’s Compersion; the opposite of
    Jealousy; actually, Before Humans Became
    Nuclear Families of Two and Monogamy
    Became so important in maintaining
    Male and Female influence
    Raising a Child Fearless
    with Love too…
    ‘Primitive Tribes’ studied by Science
    Actually practiced as they stll do full
    Polyamory where the More Semen
    A Woman Collected from Men in the
    Reproductive Rituals, the greater Morality
    was seen that all these Men would lend Wisdom
    to the Child Born as the Prize of the Village then
    and in deed they invested effort in raising the child
    Together more as the Love of a Village for the Act of
    Love among Friends became the act of Love to Raise
    the Child as Friends too.. it depends on the Culture we are
    born into as far as what we relatively see as right or wrong..
    What the Truth is is Love Wins Does God Appreciate the Gift
    of my Wife or the Gift of the Act that Produced Her Most God Appreciates
    Life obviously
    if one
    in a Living
    Rather than a
    Dead God Now..
    smiles.. it took me many Decades
    to look at it like this with this Much Cognitive
    Empathy for i was raised in Catholic Church where
    any Woman Less than the Virgin Mary was seen as
    Trash and a Slut but it’s worth noting that her Husband wasn’t
    the Father if that Gives us any Clue How much God Hates Adultery
    in the Story at Least; and it’s also Worth Noting that in the Story of Jesus…
    Jesus Forgives the Thief as No Greater than He Tortured on the Cross Together
    to Death.. meanwhile a ‘prissy little Dude’ Saul A ‘Newer Coke’ Paul comes along has a vision
    on a road to Damascus and decides that He is too ‘good’ to sit next to an Adulterer at Church;
    But he wouldn’t
    say that
    Face for Real….
    For God’s Face is
    ALL God Loves Life Without
    Harm Most Adultery Hurts but life feels best when real..
    Oh Yeah And Saint Augustine Decided that Marriage of one
    Man to a Woman and not Polygamy was best but that was only
    After he Laid up with a Bunch of Women having his Fill of sowing
    His Seeds and after he Broke off an Engagement with a 12 Years-old
    Girl; something else that Science Shows; Give a Random Woman a Line-
    up of Men and tell her which ones are Happily Married opposed to on their own Single
    And actually the Majority of the Random Women will pick the Married Man as most attractive;
    Here’s another ‘Tidbit’ of Science; a substantial number of Women think about an Alternate
    Lover when they have intercourse with their Husband but this is simply a Survival Mechanism
    Ingrained in Our DNA so she otherwise would have had a quick solution for survival if the environment
    Was Harsh or Just by Circumstance and Nature her Monogamous Partner Died as in that case
    the Paramount
    Issue; Our Moral Standards
    of Who We Love and Who We
    Have Sex with is Determined by
    Nature first and Culture Next;
    often Nature and
    and we
    get what we get
    as the Human Condition
    is very complex but it evolves
    most to survive first and thrive next…
    Anyway.. my Wife Stil Turns me on very
    Much… i take Naked photos of her every chance i get.. hehe..
    sometimes i send them to her and sometimes i keep them all to myself.
    sort of like Putting them all in an Investment Bank for the Future hehe.. if
    we take life too serious we fail to Smile and Laugh we should be kinder to
    each other and Understand Life is an Art and Not Science Alone to Love..
    in other Words
    there are
    that are
    not evolved to Break..
    Generally Speaking i am
    a rule maker and follower by
    Nature it’s taken me many years to
    get the courage to actually break rules and really love free..
    but again when it comes to Naked Flesh and Blood Stuff Just one Woman for me…
    there are way too many details enough in life to make it more complicated than it needs to be..
    A Secret to
    a Success of
    a Marriage of
    30 Years is
    Absolutely NO SECRETS
    every time i receive a beautiful photo or
    sweet forget me what nots from a Woman Friend i share it
    with my Wife and she says oh she is really Pretty and so creative.. stuff like that for REAL LOVE
    My Wife is a Really Strong Woman… Rather Small but Steel Magnolia Wonder Woman Style..
    it probably has something to do with experiencing Her Mother’s Boy Friend Standing over
    Her Bed with a Knife when she was a Child; going without Food and Water and never
    having anything but hand-me downs from her Older Sisters; otherwise
    She looks
    like a
    Dark Haired
    Version of Real
    Cinderella didn’t
    even need any
    Me Her Husband
    Just that Pacific Islander
    Glow that comes from Her Father’s
    Side… i would say thank you if i ever get the chance to meet him now..
    i already told her Mother Thank You for what she did to bring me Heaven too….
    i suppose that
    in reality
    is how
    God Views it too..
    outside of Books and
    Pages Bound in Prisons of course
    and minds spirits hearts souls so much
    smaller than a Mind Heart Spirit Soul of God allone more…
    hehe i am just another ‘Greta Thunberg’ SeeKinG Truth in
    Light to Give and Share Free.. Anti-Trump too; Climate Change is the Way oF all
    ReaLiTY NoW God Will Never Truly Be chained any more than Essence Loving Free..:)

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