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What can one person change? One person – this definition seems to describe helplessness, weakness, disability, fear. However, some life situations, historical examples show that one person can do a great deal if he really wants to.

Human actions are often determined by humanity and conscious self-determination. When it comes to wanting to create something new, it is important for each person to stand out from the crowd. To resist other people’s influence, one must have a strong personality.

Sometimes people think that when they are by themselves there isn’t much they can do. But really a single person can often do more than a group of people. It takes determination and the will to move ahead and not worry about obstacles or what people say.

Many scientific discoveries of the past were made by a lone person, not a group of people. And often facing many obstacles. But they didn’t give up. Too often we say, what can I do, I’m by myself. So we quit before we start. Up here in the northern forest more than a hundred years ago, one man built a log castle.

One person can start a successful business, starting with very little. With determination a person alone can do a great deal. Stop looking at the negative, have a positive attitude instead.

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