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I think this year i dont need to decorate my home for helloween.

Spiders already working on it😂🤣


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I'm here to post my thoughts and positive pictures❤️

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      1. First it wasnt well written, was to many grammar mistakes in the posts, which i wrote in english, i didnt felt like i can corret all2000posts😂and still i m not able to correct well. Now i have someone who is helping me to correct my posts before i post them. Second i was tired of blogging, i did to much and i needed a break😊🙂🤗And now i feel very well and find out how to manage all, so here i m back, with new blog🤗🙂i m doing well, working mostly, how about you? How was your exams? I bet you did well💚❤💛

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      2. I see. You made a very good decision dear. We all need a break sometimes. It can get too much and we all have a life outside the blog and it can get real hectic. Your english is fine and I like your spirit because you are back with a new blog and you are trying to make it right. You have my full support😊❤️ My exams were good. School is fine except a little regular pressure.

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      3. I have noticed, that you wasn’t around as well, where have you been?🤗
        Yes you are right about blogging, specially when you are trying to make it up to everybody ❤️Thank you so much for kind words, i’m glad to have you here🤗
        Regular pressure, sounds regular😂

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      4. Actually this is an important year for me academic wise. I am in my last year of school and there is also my entrance exam for law college. So it’s a double pressure 😂😂 I have exams almost every month. Blogging can be overwhelming yes. We need breaks.
        I am also glad to interact with you dear Ilona😊

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  1. Webs may annoy most of the year, but in October, they set the mood, don’t they? Most of the year, get rid of them – got to keep my home spotless! – but in October, let them stay.

    It’s like I’m living in the Haunted Mansion. Creepy, chilling, and so wonderful! Thanks, spiders!


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