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Love is a human condition, feeling, emotions, behaviors, thoughts, perceptions and attitudes, one of the essential concepts that determine and define one another’s relationships and self-perceptions. But the concept of love is perceived differently by each person.

Every one of us who hears the word love thinks about feelings, people, family, all kinds of emotions, but there are people in society who attribute it to the most important values ​​of life.

Love is a feeling that we all perceive and feel differently. For some it is all hard things that are incomprehensible, some cannot live without it, others do not need it at all.

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  1. Love… The only emotion from which all other emotions arise. Whether love of self, the love we embrace for another, or supraordinate love we sharper through a spiritual essence of being, I have found that love is truly all that exists.

    Even in discouraging emotions such as anger, sadness, and even hate, some form of energy is present. We oftentimes confuse the opposite of loving feelings for these more negatively charged emotional constructs, but these are part of a greater inclusionary form of love. Like an atom consists of protons(+), electrons(-), and neutrons (neutral) charges, so does love: this is what makes it such a wonderfully euphoric yet passionately volatile emotional state. The opposite of love is not a negative emotional state, it is simply indifference.

    Thank you for this beautiful reminder.

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