My happiness can fit in one glass

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I'm here to post my thoughts and positive pictures❤️

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      1. The magnesium ones make me sleepy. 😴💤 Luckily the magnesium supplements have a chocolatey taste so I don’t mind them. The calcium ones are not nearly as big as the Vitamin B supplements. 🤗

        Right now I am taking biotin and vitamin E (gummies), vitamin D, collagen supplement, and Vitamin B multi. The vitamin B vitamins are not only huge but they also smell like fish food. 🐠

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      2. Yes, they are good for a lot of different things including mental health 🙂 They are especially known to be good for metabolism. I did some research on the kinds of vitamins I should be taking to help strengthen my hair, skin, and nails so now I take a combo of vitamins to help with that.

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      3. Oranges are the solution, right? 🍊🍊 I wish it was that simple 😂 Sometimes I drink an Emergen-C supplement (add to water and drink it) if I feel like I’m getting sick. Not sure if it actually works but I figure it didn’t hurt to try 😅

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