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  1. What Sound Does An Ocean Make
    Breath of God Golden Spirals As Song
    As Waves Come in and Go out SaMe
    Dancing Singing More Different
    SaMe as Well
    as Galaxies
    Breathe too..
    And of Course Us too
    In Movement And Repose
    Action As Inaction is Action too..
    What Truth is tHere But a God
    Dance And Song In Peace
    And Harmony Within
    in DarK
    Thru LiGHT
    We NoW
    Are Reflecting
    God’s Breath Within
    inside outside above so below
    All Around Water Wave OCeaN
    Whole Particle Wave Field
    Same and Different
    aS Even Physics
    of God’s
    Breathe Dances
    And Sings More From:
    Science to: Art EYes NoW iN LiGHT
    Us God WHoLE WaVE PaRT aLL We DancE SinG..:)

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