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Personally I think that wasting time is one of the worst things we can do with our lives.  Life is short, why do we want to waste the time we have doing nothing, or doing things that are really not important? 

Our modern technology is a good thing and very useful in many ways.  But it has also made it easier for us to waste our time.  People will spend hours each day on social media sites, or just surfing the internet, but doing nothing important.  Really, all that is being done is killing some time.  Many people spend hours in front of their TV each day.

  I used to do that, then I realized there is just so much more to do and enjoy.  Why sit glued to a screen?  I don’t even have TV now.  There’s nothing wrong with having time to relax, but people go way beyond that.  There is so much more to life than sitting in front of a screen.  We should regulate our time better so that we don’t wasting our time. 

Get away from those screens, get out and enjoy life.  Do something meaningful with your life, don’t waste it.

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  1. I don’t know what qualifies as wasting time? Some people might think that sitting near the garden, admiring nature is wasteful, while I simply enjoy doing that. So, the definition of wasting time is up to the person who is spending their time. Do what is important to you and don’t have regrets at the end of our lives because we didn’t spend the time doing things we wanted to do.

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      1. I still watch TV but I need to be mindful about the activity. I need to plan it out ahead of time or I will get sucked into hours binge watching. So you like sports – that’s cool. I do not watch sports, but at least you know roughly how many hours you will be spending in front of the TV. It helps to pace yourself because like any activity, one can get carried away sometimes.

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  2. “Why sit glued to a screen?  I don’t even have TV now.”

    Wow, thats amazing that you don’t have a TV. I want to get rid of my TV but Nick won’t let me. He’s super attached to it, and he recently bought a second small TV for our bedroom. Personally, I would be OK without a TV. I agree that it is a waste of time, and it’s hard to limit the amount of time we spend watching TV. One episode can easily turn into 10 episodes. TV doesn’t encourage creativity, which is why I think sitting by the garden or going for a walk is a better way to spend our time. 😊🌺

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    1. I think it was Steve who said, that he dont have tv🤗🙂, the balance is important, 2hours in front of tv is enough, more than 4hours, i cant imagine😂, tv is great, to watch news or some episodes from movie which you are following.
      Walking helps to relax and fresh air is always good idea🤗🙂
      By the way posted the letter finally😁

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      1. Hi Ilona, I went to the post office yesterday and mailed you something. Let me know when it arrives in the mail…. knowing snail mail, it could take a few weeks. 😉 Ty for updating me on your letter. I look forward to reading it and will reply to your letter when I get it. 😊🌺

        If not TV, what about YouTube? Do you watch a lot of YouTube videos? Sometimes we replace one bad habit with another. I find YouTube very addicting sometimes. 😅

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      2. I will let you know, yes can be really long, ones i got post card for b-day a month after, it was lost after they found it😂
        Youtube videos i think is not waste of time, i learn how to draw from there, some other DIY, so at the end there is something good about it😂

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  3. Merci pour ces conseils et ce constat des plus charmants. Vivre est une chance et une somme d’actes à réaliser qui nous connectent au Monde, à sa Réalité, à son Histoire. Vivre c’est se connaitre, soi-même et l’environnement conjugué en Pluriels. C’est explorer les Mémoires profondes de son Être, les mémoires profondes de ses Cellules pour sentir, ressentir le Monde et faire en sorte que chaque particule de son Être et de son Corps Rayonnent….
    J’adore cette Fleur choisie pour illustrer cet article.


    Thank you for these tips and this observation of the most charming. To live is a chance and a sum of acts to realize that connect us to the World, to its Reality, to its History. To live is to know oneself, oneself and the environment combined in Pluriels. It is to explore the deep memories of one’s being, the deep memories of one’s cells to feel, feel the world and make every particle of one’s being and one’s body radiate.
    I love this Flower chosen to illustrate this article.

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  4. Hey ilona, a serious post this is. « Time is what we want most but what we use worst is Time » some one once said this and said it right. We have so much distraction. Watch a tv show the anchor says don’t go anywhere « staytuned » why should i? why should we waste time for someone to earn? A very basic problem from the start. People waste time for someone to earn. And the day they start realising it they wil get out to nature. Nice Collab Ilona✨✍️

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