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People often wish each other happiness, happiness and happiness once again, that no cloud would dull the sky. They don’t understand what they wishing. Because personality matures only when faced with challenges and difficulties.

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I'm here to post my thoughts and positive pictures❤️

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  1. Lovely Day it is it makes me Happy that i am Welcome to come by Here
    Any Day or Night and Wish my Friend Ms. Hugs a Happy Hello for have you
    Ever Seen me Step in Dark of Do Sure i Do i am only
    Human Not Just a Machine
    For i am Capable
    of Great
    Havoc as surely
    a ‘Mr. Hulk’ Will do
    too if Properly and
    Appropriately Mused
    With Dark News for example
    if someone invades 3 Feet of
    Dark intent into my Dancing Space true i may
    just push them away into outer space on the Dance
    Floor Sliding so far away from me.. hehe.. true rarely
    does anyone ever try that again as true all is in open view
    for Actions and Consequences on the Dance Floors of Life
    and yes Word will get Around not to mess around with ‘Jim Croce’
    too hehe or Big Good ‘Leroy Fred’.. hmm.. anyway with a smile like
    Yours how will anyone leave.. without a bit more light to appreciate..
    And Speaking of Dance Number 281st Week of Dancing With all the
    Cool Age College Folks Now 3 Generations away yes up to 4 Decades
    as ya gotta be 18 to get in which means yes 41 Years Younger than me
    With Smiles of Dance More.. anyway a full 64 Years to Go Before i reach 123
    Years-Old Still Dancing there Perhaps by then.. ‘They’ will catch up with me but
    Perhaps they will not Just because it ain’t been done before does not mean i will
    not do it next
    as Long
    as i have
    No Fear
    With 100 Percent
    Belief that is Faith
    Yes the Essence of Love
    for ALL (God) within.. see Mileage varies
    depending on Model and Make of Human
    Being.. true some folks do 20 Percent as Yes
    Science Suggests that 80 Percent of Human
    Thoughts are Negative associated with our
    Emotions and Senses and 95 Percent of all
    Our Thoughts Daily Ranging from 12 Thousand
    to 80 Thousand or So thoughts are just Repetitive
    and once again around 80 Percent Negative as we are
    evolved to remember what we deem as Bad Stress no matter
    if it is illusory fears or not our mind knows no different for what we
    Feed it next in Positive Associated Feelings and Senses of thoughts
    or the other place of Fear and Doubt.. Happiness is no Given no guaranteed
    Deal but there is Science to the Art of Replacing all our Burned out Worrying
    Christmas Tree Human Lights With Brand New Colored Lights we’ve Never even
    Seen and Co-Created Before.. True tHere is no limit how Beautiful We Will Make our Christmas
    Tree to Be Now truly too this Song by Bill withers spreads some more Beautiful Christmas Lights
    For All of Us to Turn on in a More Lovely Christmas Day Eternally Now Within to Give and Share
    With Others more and the rest of ALL Nature Plus (God) consuming All with Least Harm MoRE Now to LoVE..:)

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      1. Dance Dance Dance
        3 Hour Marathon With
        No Break.. Found A
        ⛽️ Gas Station all
        Gassed up next
        Stop Snack at
        Home then Dance
        To Bed as 3AM
        Coming soon😀😀🤗🤗🕺
        Hope you have a Great
        Day in Nice🌟✨🐝🌺😁

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  2. unconditionally. but usually problems and difficulties arise by themselves, and happiness is so elusive. therefore, people willingly think about him and wait.
    I think that happiness is the successful overcoming of difficulties, learning the right lessons from this. and then difficulties will not be perceived as unhappiness, and happiness will not be so fleeting.

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  3. Happiness is a sun shine isnt it? Clouds of worries may hide the sun shine and the blue sky and will shadow the happiness for a while. But the cloud will pass away, it is good to have a shadow and rain. All for good isnt it. We just need to wait. 😉✍️

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