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Collaboration with Steve.

Although outward beauty has always been considered important, I think our present society concentrates on it way too much. Everywhere you look there are ads for beauty products, articles on beauty tips, models are always beautiful in every way, but it’s all dealing with outward beauty.

Everyone would like to look young, beautiful, handsome, but really, what is most important? Outward beauty or inner beauty?

No one will deny the fact that the cult of appearance is very important in modern society. Television, newspapers, magazines are all shimmering with news about who, how much and how much plastic surgery has been done, who and how much money has been spent on a new designer suit or dress.

And that would be nothing like that, but without us noticing, beauty and appearance stereotypes are implicitly formed, so here’s why when we see a girl, we can tell if she could be in a movie or obedient mommy or a true hip-hop fan and it is up to each of our personal imaginations to determine which stereotype will be most attractive and acceptable. 

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  1. « I think our present society concentrates on it way too much. »
    i dont think/feel this is really true. but, i think through the media we are made more aware of it. since in the past, people could not know about it as much as now because technology was not available and advances in medicine and our economy have made it more accessible. i feel human beauty has been a long term quest of humans and if you look through history you will see just how we as humans have tried to be beautiful.

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  2. Hi ilona, ✨☺️ Good to see your collab. Beautiful Topic indeed. Remembering beauty 🤔People are too bothered about their outer beauty eventually you will end up spending more and more and more to look that picture perfect, in the end it is just an illusion. Inner beauty needs no makeup and its forever young. Good things takes time to understand isnt it 😉  Have a nice day Steve✨🤗

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  3. Hi, on the whole i agree. Even if personnally being totally fed up with other people expectation of me as a woman not only to look like beauty in the magazines but to also wish for it, i have found my peace with beauty norms by learning to stop caring about it and love being ugly as sung here in a french comic song it’s also have it’s advantages : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nIHOB75TFN8 . Well ugly…according to the majority standard of course but i don’t need quantity of people liking my aesthetics as long as the quality ones do appreciates it like my husband for an example, like most of the men who did courts me he likes the « natural girl » style. Well i must admit me too i never really understood why adding stuff to the way nature made us like make up etc…was considered by most to be necessary to be beautiful. I mean natural human women feel to me like they are already enough of a beauty without all that stuff ;). (sorry if it’s a bit grammatically uncorrect i’m french and learned english at school a while ago they could be a lot of errors).

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