About Humanity

Human is not only a physical body, a being that has feelings, emotions, is capable of thinking, developing and distinguishing good from evil, it is the smartest living organism in the world. ( is it really)?

Most of us are either trying to be polite, helpful, understanding, respectful, self sacrificing. We can describe all this in one word humanity. Human behavior is strongly influenced by the environment around us and the views of those around us on what we do. So, is it always easy to stay human?

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  1. No it isn’t always easy to stay Human. Human is of mix of cultures belief and wrong things shoved in people mind. A 15 year old girl have so much hatred towardsa community and i am dead sure she wont help that community even when they beg for life in front of her leg. Humanity exists but it is not free and we have to search for it.🙂 Hope the things will change🙂✍️

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