About beauty part3

Collaboration with Steve.

In today’s society, external beauty is very important. Television, newspapers and magazines are our daily lives, but stereotypes of beauty are being formed without us noticing. Why has the outside become more important than the human inner world?

The media constantly encourages readers to lose weight, exercise at fitness clubs, or even wrinkle wrinkles in plastic clinics. Everyone has their own opinions, thoughts and reflections, so why do we all try to be similar and blend in with the crowd? A man’s true charm is revealed through his view of the world, through his good heart.

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  1. SMiLes.. Ms. Hugs we live in a Consumer World of
    Buying Humans Sadly
    Even in the Inner
    World of blogging
    That is often one
    Of exchanging
    Button presses
    Instead of ideas where
    Longer thoughts than
    Your writing is so
    Wonderful May
    Be discouraged for
    When we explore our
    Inner Universes superficialities
    Melt away there is
    Much more to explore
    Within than tools that
    Will ever be made
    Or physical
    We do not earn
    On our own we are
    Imagination and
    Creativity Works
    Of Art the Danger
    Is when our Tools
    Master And
    Become us
    So Far Away
    From the Living
    Kindness Social
    Animals Display
    With each Other
    as Flesh and Blood
    Naturally Blends In
    Together when not
    So far Separated From
    CulTural Clothes on
    The other Hand this
    Smart Phone without
    It i would not be
    Connecting to
    My Nice Friend Ms.
    Hugs all the way
    Across the Ocean
    In the French Riviera
    In Nice France From
    The Comfort of my
    Bed still in the Dark
    At 6 AM there is
    Beauty to that
    Whether i See the
    Flower of the Beauty
    Of Your Youth or
    Not for my kindness
    Toward you will be
    The same if you were
    Older than me for
    i SeeK the Kindness
    Of inner Beauty most
    But of course when
    i See Your Beautiful
    Very Sweet Smile
    It warms my Heart
    As All Flowers of
    Nature do as my
    94 Year-Old Great
    Aunt still Joyful
    For life had the
    Same Lovely
    Smile for the
    Simple joys
    In Life stay
    Happy my Friend
    For each person
    i Meet i Hope i
    Bring both
    Wisdom And
    Beauty of
    Happiness too
    As Friend is the
    Highest Honor
    To Give And
    Share i See…
    It will happen
    With no flesh
    And Blood
    As Sincere Words
    Of Kindness Brings…
    What Greater
    Beauty none
    i feel greater
    Than Friend😁🤗

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