About freedom part2

As the only thoughtful being on earth, man lives according to his own principles and attitudes which he has created and influenced by the environment. We all have our own scale of values, only the elements of its composition differ.

Although all people are different, many share the same aspirations, desires, and even the same scale of values ​​that many people share the same or at least very similar. Not only ourselves, but also environmental factors influence our choices, norms of behavior, the principles by which we live.

Principles, values, aspirations – these are the very essence of our lives, because man has to create some rules by which he intends to live. One of those basic principles is freedom, which opens up opportunities for one person or another.

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  1. « As the only thoughtful being on earth, man lives according to his own principles … »

    are humans really the only beings which are thoughtful? i feel there maybe evidence about other animals, (elephants, ravens, apes) that could be considered « thoughtful »

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      1. elephants have been known to show empathy, ravens collect « gifts » and given to mates and to humans. dogs have also been known to show empathy to humans. apes and other animals have been known to care for each other and care for orphans (some not of their own species). cheetahs are calmed by having a companion dog with them. i would consider this to show thoughtfulness. for they have recognized a behavior/emotion in others and responded. unless i miss understand how you are using the statement. whales have also been seen showing empathy to other whales and a gentle interaction with humans. can all this not be considered « thoughtful »? not just instinct. but a thought process.

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  2. Hi Ilona, Both parts are having its unique thoughts. Your vision is something different and enticing. Principles, values, aspirations are the esscence. Freedom is available with our own rules, When the moral values gets broken the freedom loses its meaning. Freedom is tasteful as when they follow their own principles and morals.✍️😀 Nice topic ilona✨👌

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    1. Hello Simon, this topic is really big, i think everyone has what to say about it, i m thinking to make another part💛🧡💚, thank you so much for reading and for such a meaningful comment🤗have a wonderful day!!!

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  3. So very true Ilona, humans are the only thoughtful beings on earth. Humans have a consciousness which gives us the ability to think far beyond what an animal can do. We have the ability to truly think, to plan, to invent, to explore, to be philosophers, artists, builders. We have the ability to build societies, to have morals, principles, values, aspirations, freedom and the ability to know what these mean and be able to follow them and incorporate them into our lives. Great topic Ilona!! I hope you are having a wonderful Sunday!!😃😺🌞🍁🍂

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